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  • Quick-operating Fasteners
    lever-actuated fasteners have coil springs or an adjustable threaded hook. These features compensate for installation inaccuracies, wear, gasket set, or damage. The cam-actuated fastener has a cam which engages, pulls in, and locks a pin mounted in a separate keeper. The cam can be an inherent part
  • Bellows let chip testers run hot and cold
    in the test chamber. Servometer assembles customized bellows incorporating adjustable return springs and end caps that Aseco supplies. Depending on end-user specs, each S-170 has up to seven bellows actuators arrayed along the chip
  • Change seals without stopping equipment
    fully split, so they can be installed and rebuilt without removing bearings or the drive. Seal face pressures are fully adjustable, so there are no internal springs to loosen due to seal face wear, or to corrode in hostile environments. All adjustment hardware is outside the seal's purge cavity, so
  • Go for a walk?
    and running gaits. Eventually, he would like to see his work applied to two-legged walking robots. But that day may still be a long way off, he says. His prototype, dubbed BiMasc (Biped with Mechanically Adjustable Series Compliance), consists of a hip, thigh, and shin segment, three motors that wind
  • 55 Gallon Drums
    with 780 lbs. payload capacity, 55" of vertical lift and 330 degrees main post rotation. ? Operators' Controls: Twist metering control, push button grip/release with pitch up/down spring counterbalanced - extended "T" band operators' control station. ? Thick, pliable grip pads. ? Adjustable grip pressure
  • Jetta GLX Wagon
    Despite looking like a yuppie soccer mom, I nonetheless enjoyed test-driving the Jetta GLX wagon. After all, what's not to like? The GLX comes loaded with luxuries such as traction control, a Monsoon stereo system, fully adjustable heated leather seats, power sunroof, 16-in. alloy wheels
  • A better way to solve engineering problems.
    in different areas of technology. In this introduction, we examine three inventive principles discovered by Altshuller that he called Segmentation, Inversion, and Prior Action. In a nutshell, this principle suggests fragmenting a components or part into two or more pieces to make it flexible or adjustable
  • Accounting for lost motion
    as adjustable seats in cars and planes. The basic design features a movable core either a solid-wire or braided wire-rope cable that's free to travel axially inside a conduit. Actuating a lever or similar device at one end of the cable assembly produces output force and motion at the other end. Solid-core
  • 2008 Ford Edge Limited
    control arms, made even sudden lane changes feel smooth. In the back, Ford's trailing-blade independent suspension decouples shocks and springs for a low-suspension profile and more cargo room. Inside, front seats are heated and power adjustable in six directions, while the single row of back seats
  • 2006 VW Rabbit
    to read. The hatchback's also surprisingly roomy. There's ample shoulder and head room fore and aft, along with over 35 in. of legroom for three rear passengers. Rear occupants also enjoy adjustable headrests cleverly designed not to impede the driver's view out the back. Stowing gear is also a snap

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