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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CS200B Global Industrial Kantek Inc. Not Provided Kantek Cpu Stand, Adjustable, Cs200b, 4-3/4" X 16" X 7", Supports 60 Lbs., Black
H15M37B36 Global Industrial Ashland Conveyor Products Not Provided H-Stand Support For Ashland 36" Bf Roller Conveyors, Adjustable 31" To 43"H
SCS2338 Global Industrial Unex Mfg Not Provided Adjustable Single Leg Support 23"-38"H For Unex ® Curved Conveyors
MCS233824 Global Industrial Unex Mfg Not Provided Adjustable H-Brace Support 24"W X 23"-38"H For Unex ® Mrs Roller Conveyors
SCS1523 Global Industrial Unex Mfg Not Provided Adjustable Single Leg Support 15"-23"H For Unex ® Curved Conveyors
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  • Re-engineering and Manufacturing of Support Bracket (.pdf)
    One of CCE's customers is a manufacturer of extrusion systems. They use a support bracket in their HPE Adjustable Mobile Extruder Machine. The support bracket helps move the extruder up and down, locking it at the required position and carries the full weight of the extruder including the motor
  • code Changes default RTC year to 2005, supports EIST, updates micro code Fixes hang when pressing ALT-F2 at full screen logo screen, changes adjustable FSB range to 500MHz, adds EIST control item, other fixes Fixes hang when pressing ALT-F2 at full screen logo screen, changes adjustable FSB range
  • Adds adjustable MAX & MIN multiplier item for retail Intel CPUs, supports certain SATA CD-ROMs when OnChip Serial ATA is running in Enhanced Mode, changes CPU Alarm temperature default to 85 degrees C, updates microcode Updates uGuru utility, adds Delay Transactions item, adds PCI Latency Timer
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations
    losses. Payback took 3.1 years [9]. Adjustable speed drives (ASDs)
  • Medical Device Link .
    Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Specified for Prosthetic Device Other materials could not support weight loads. In developing the Total Concept adjustable-heel-height articulated ankle, Century XXII Innovations Inc. (Jackson, MI), a manufacturer of prosthetic limbs, experienced difficulties
  • Pedestrian Walkway: Delivering A Safe, Movable Ferry Bridge On-Time With Nook Ball Screw Jacks
    a daily ferry, which transports passengers and automobiles back and forth between Aberdeen and the Shetland Islands, and needed an adjustable pedestrian bridge that could be raised and lowered to connect with ferries at different tidal levels and provide passengers with a safe, enclosed means
  • Suzuki Reno EX
    style with sedan sensibility. We had plenty of time to test that sensibility on our 700-mile trip. The leather seats proved comfortable for long stretches of time, thanks to adjustable height and lumbar supports and headrest. The Reno's 102.4-in. wheelbase and a 58.3-in. track (front and rear) made
  • Medical Device Link . More of the Best Products and Services of the Year
    specifically designed for use with low-viscosity fluids. The fluid is contained in a handheld barrel fitted with a piston that prevents suck-back and seals off fumes. An adjustable vacuum control prevents drips and beading on the dispense tip. The dispense time and deposit size can be set by means of a foot
  • Bump and grind
    , and torsional. Should the arm exceed these preset limits, the compliant device absorbs the impact energy through a pneumatic chamber and redirects the energy to reset the device. Key features include automatic reset, adjustable breakaway point settings, and dynamically variable trip points, among others
  • A Push Towards Efficiency
    The adjustable speed Brushless Motor Control (BMC series) is easy to use and set up without programming user trimpots and jumpers are factory-set and will work for most applications. Input command signal may be +/- 10 Vdc, a 5K speed pot, or a form C contact or relay for forward-stop-reverse

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