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Conduct Research, and gas permeability. Although these disadvantages sound serious, most can be eliminated or managed using existing technologies. For instance, current PVC manufacturing techniques can reduce residual vinyl chloride monomer levels to less than 1 ppm, thus minimizing the toxic effects...

...of medical devices. Unfortunately, earlier generations of cyanoacrylates had significant performance limitations, such as poor thermal resistance and peel strength. Consequently, many medical device manufacturers were unable to take advantage of the processing advantages that these adhesives offer...

...structure. Molecular weight. Molecular-weight distribution. Morphology (amorphous/semicrystalline, microstructures, residual stresses). Presence of low-molecular-weight compounds. Processing conditions. Annealing. Sterilization process. Storage history. Shape. Site of implantation. Adsorbed...

...crystallinity, melt and glass-transition temperatures, molecular weight, molecular-weight distribution, end groups, sequence distribution (random versus blocky), and presence of residual monomer or additives. In addition, the polymer scientist working with biodegradable materials must evaluate...

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