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  • Rack and Pinion Gears-Image
    Rack and Pinion Gears - (151 companies)
    ...but include teeth that are twisted along a helical path in the axial direction. Helical Tooth. Image Credit: Roller pinion drives use bearing supported rollers that mesh with the teeth of that rack in orderto provide minimal to no backlash...
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  • Rack and Pinion Drives-Image
    Rack and Pinion Drives - (28 companies)
    How to Select Rack and Pinion Drives. Image Credit: Atlanta Drive Systems. What are Rack and Pinion Drives?. Rack and pinion drives use a rotational motor to affect linear motion via a rack and pinion combination. They are used frequently...
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  • Gears-Image
    Gears - (593 companies)
    ...gear is offset, and can best be considered a hybrid between a bevel gear and worm drive. Rack and pinion gears' change rotational movement into translation by the use of an infinite circumference, toothed mechanism. Spur gears transmit power amongst...
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  • Lift Tables-Image
    Lift Tables - (393 companies)
    Products Inc. Electric. Electric motors provide a rotational power source which can power elevation with the use of a mechanical advantage, such as a rack/pinion drive or a chain lift. Image credit: Direct Industry. Lift Mechanism. The below lifting...
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  • Lifts-Image
    Lifts - (1705 companies)
    ...employ the mechanical advantage of threads to lift a workpiece vertically. Rack and pinion lifts - Rack and pinion lifts function via a small drive gear (pinion) that drives a straight-toothed rack to lift the load. Telescoping lifts...
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    Valve Actuators - (863 companies)
    ...of the rotary actuator have continuous rotation, while servo or step motors are used to move the actuator to a fixed angular position. Image Credit: Zakgear. Rack and pinion actuators consist of a housing to support a pinion, which is driven by a rack...
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    Rack Enclosures - (479 companies)
    How to Select Rack Enclosures. Rack enclosures (rack cabinets, laboratory enclosures) are used to house standard 19 in. rack-mounted components or other standard-sized devices. They are designed to protect personnel from accidental injury...
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    DC Motor Drives - (676 companies)
    ...board, panel, DIN rail, or rack. Other drives may be stand-alone devices or designed to be incorporated into specific products by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Features. DC motor drives may also include various features which may be important...
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    Hard Drives - (448 companies)
    ...of length, width, and height are important to consider, especially for those hard drives that mount inside a rack or chassis. Mounting options for hard drives include chassis mount, free standing, integrally mounted, panel mount, and rack mount...
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    Servo Drives - (462 companies)
    Configurations for servo drives include several mounting styles. Most devices mount on a chassis, DIN rail, panel, rack, wall, or printed circuit board (PCB). Standalone devices and integrated circuit (IC) chips that mount on PCBs are also available...
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