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  • "Smart" Turbine Meters Improve Flow Sensing Performance In The Aerospace Industry (.pdf)
    For research, development and testing applications in the aerospace industry, advanced "smart" turbine flowmeters are providing significantly improved volumetric and mass flow sensing performance. In particular, this new breed of turbine meter is being utilized by manufacturers of advanced aircraft
  • Flow Metering Challenges & Considerations
    In the aerospace industry, measuring the fl ow of fl uids used onboard aircraft or in component test stands demands superior instrument performance. From measuring the fuel consumption of ro-. tary and fi xed-wing aircraft, missiles and drones, to evaluating the performance of hydraulic fl uid
  • Tools Optimize Process and Part Quality
    Aerospace and defense manufacturers are demanding shorter lead times, better. quality, and lower costs from their suppliers. Oftentimes, the supply chain will. default to delivering on a lower price to ensure consideration in the purchasing. process. This mindset, competing on price, fails to fully
  • Flat Honing Clears Production Hurdles
    aerospace, military and defense cus-. tomers to incorporate design elements that pro-. mote product accuracy and part-to-part consis-. tency. These include climate control, central. coolant supply and collection, and vibration-. isolated inspection centers. James H. McGil original y founded what would
  • Aluminum Corrosion Resistance for Cold Plates and Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers
    Aluminum cold plates and plate-fin heat exchangers are commonly used for liquid cooling in military and aerospace applications because of their light weight and high performance. There are many factors to consider when designing these cold plates and heat exchangers: thermal performance, size
  • Liquid cooled LED arrays as bright as 30 headlights
    Life. Blogs. Message Boards. Design. Designlines. Audio. Automotive. CommsDesign. EDA. Embedded Internet. Industrial Control. MCU. Medical. Memory. Military & Aerospace. Power Management. Programmable Logic. RF & Microwave. Signal Processing. Smart Energy. Test & Measurement. Design Tools
  • Accessories in Action
    machining surface to work from when changing setups. They also keep chips on top of the table where they can be easily brushed or washed into the chip conveyor system. Covers keep chips out of machining center T-slots. Certain industries, such as aerospace and medical, require near perfection
  • Medical Device Link .
    that occurs when tissue is deprived of oxygenated blood. He developed a number of concepts and ideas that he was able to build upon, aided by the engineering expertise of Juan Lasheras, PhD, chair of UCSD's mechanical and aerospace engineering program. The result was the founding of Innercool Therapies Inc

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