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  • Aerospace
    Specialized alloys make it possible for the aerospace industry to produce high-performance parts such as jet engine and airframes. These components must be able to withstand high pressure, intense heat and temperature variations that would stress ordinary metals to their breaking points. Without
  • Particle Characterization for the Aerospace Industry
    The aerospace industry has many diverse applications for particle size analysis and rheology. These vary from safety testing to engine design and propulsion testing.
  • Induction Heating for the Aerospace Industry
    Specialized applications. Stringent quality levels. Tight leadtimes. The global aerospace industry sets tough demands on its parts and equipment suppliers. But they are the kind of demands that induction technology is uniquely qualified to satisfy.
  • 3 FAQs in Aerospace Engineering
    In the aerospace manufacturing industry-whether commercial or military-there are many common questions frequently asked by clients. There are processes and terms that often need to be clarified, and new technologies that customers want explained. Here are three of the frequently asked questions we
  • Evolution of Machining in the Aerospace Industry
    When I think of aerospace and what is happening with the market, there are changes I see taking place. Materials, tolerances and tool designs have evolved significantly over time. In order to be in sync with market demand, traditional machining practices must be replaced with the new and advanced.
  • Advancement of Thermoplastics in Commercial Aerospace
    In the 1970's, with commercial airline objectives set at weight reduction, increased safety factors, lower manufacturing costs and reduced maintenance schedules, Aerospace Engineers looked to thermoplastic material manufacturers, and component suppliers to develop the necessary resins, filler
  • Sewing lessons for aerospace engineers
    . The blind-stitching technique uses a curved needle. The advanced-resin-infusion technique or VAP (vacuum-assisted process) creates complex aerospace composites without the aid of an autoclave. This new approach suits especially large components particularly well. It is more economical than
  • Aerospace Parts from Powder
    this alternate manufacturing process opportunities to win business creating high-temperature plastic parts for the aerospace industry like this...

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