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Parts by Number for AF Module Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
AF-P2C MODULE #B HKIP National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
AF10FD060A ASAP Semiconductor MITSUBISHI Not Provided module
82AF524D PLC Radwell Ametek Panalarm Not Provided MODULE
1AF21HP PLC Radwell Akron Standard Not Provided MODULE
91AF1T24DC4C4EJ2 PLC Radwell Panalarm Not Provided MODULE

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  • Data Encryption Routines for the PIC18
    . 70. 80. 90. A0. B0. C0. D0. E0. F0. 00. 63. 7C. 77. 7B. F2. 6B. 6F. C5. 30. 01. 67. 2B. FE. D7. AB. 76. 01. CA. 82. C9. 7D. FA. 59. 47. F0. AD. D4. A2. AF. 9C. A4. 72. C0. 02. B7. FD. 93. 26. 36. 3F. F7. CC. 34. A5. E5. F1. 71. D8. 31. 15. 03. 04. C7. 23. C3. 18. 96. 05. 9A. 07. 12. 80. E2. EB. 27
  • Gas Sensor Placement Guidelines (.pdf)
    . sources of gas leaks. This includes gas. cylinders, any device using gas, valves,. After location is determined based upon. fittings, flanges, pump seals, pressure. A-F above, consider accessibility and. vessels, tubing jungles and gas infusion. maintenance issues. Sometimes a minor. from
  • UltraVolt HVPS Output-Current Monitor
    . "A-F ". Version. 1/8A. 1.25 Meg. 91.7K. 1/4A. 2.5 Meg. 2.0 Meg. 1/2A. 5.0 Meg. 3.3 Meg. 1A. 4W/50M, 20/30W 10 Meg. 8.3 / 5 Meg. 2A. 100 Meg. 50 Meg. 4A. 200 Meg. 66.6 Meg. 6A. 300 Meg. 75.0 Meg. 10A. 250 Meg. 15A. 375 Meg. 20A. 500 Meg. 25A. 625 Meg. 30A. 750 Meg. 35A. 2.22 Gig. 40A. 2.22 Gig. "C
  • Reliability Study Conducted: Leadless Chip Thermistor with High Temperature Solder Leach Resistant Gold Contacts, Die Mounted with Eutectic Au/Sn Solder by Customer (.pdf)
    . Vendor B. ange i 10.0%. h. Cornerstone. age C. ver. A. 0.0%. 25. 50. 75. 100. 125. Storage Temperature (°C). Cornerstone Sensors, Inc. Page 5. June 20, 2008. Cornerstone Thermistor Storage. 10.0%. CS_E. ance. CS_AuSn. st. CS_AgSn. esi. R. n. 2. kh. 5.0%. ange i. t. e. r. ~. h. af. age C. ver. A. 0.0
  • Skyworks Capacitor Model for ESD Applications
    to. t. o. Af. A ter. r int. n egr. g ating. g thes. e e models. s int. n o. o ADS, we further. r. the back of the wafer. Fur. u th. t er DC. C meas. a urement. n. t wi. w th. t. h. not. o iced. e durin. i g. g ADS simulat. a i. t on that. a the vo. v ltage drop. p. ins. n ul. u at. a ed. d stand. n prove. v
  • Interface Solutions for Planar's EL Displays
    . EL320.240.36 HB. X. EL320.240 FA3. Multicolor; needs 4 color bits. per pixel; accepts CMOS. AMLCD VGA or QVGA timing. EL320.256 F Series. X. X. EL480.240 PR. X. EL512.256 H. X X. Series. EL640.200 SK. X. X. EL640.400 C. X. X. Also accepts CMOS VGA. Series. “feature connector” timing. EL640.480 AF. X
  • Matching Embedded PC Boards to Medical Applications
    ),. months or even weeks off a product development cycle can af-. whereas other features are unique to embedded PCs. Some of. fect the success of a product. the features that embedded PCs share with desktop PCs are. Another reason that embedded PCs are being used more. the following: • x86
  • Medical Device Link .
    ," IEEE 1012-1986. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1986. Inglis, AF and AC Luther. Video Engineering, 2nd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1996. E. J. Claude and R. M. Carritte have worked on a variety of product development, engineering design, and system integration