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  • AGMA Quality Rating
    The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) publishes quality-level standards for gears based on pitch variation, profile error, and tooth alignment accuracy. Quality levels are defined in the AGMA 2000-A88 Gear Classification and Inspection Hand Book. In general, higher quality levels
  • Reconditioning Large Gears
    for material integrity the rim thickness, tooth thickness, tooth size, and wear to the teeth are measured to estimate whether or not the gear blank is a candidate for reconditioning. Essentially, is there is material enough for generating a new tooth?. Calculations derived from AGMA Standards
  • Shaft Flexible Couplings - Application Considerations (.pdf)
    . 1/3. T. 1/4. 2.2 Shaft Misalignment. T2. Shaft misalignment can be due to unavoidable tolerance build-ups in a. 0. 4. 12. 25 28. 40. 50. mechanism or intentionally produced to fulfill a specific function. Various types. TORQUE lb. in. of misalignment, as they are defined in AGMA Standard 510.02
  • Criteria for Power Transmission Couplings:
    of misalignment as they are defined in AGMA standard 510.02 are shown in Figure 1. (Editors note: AGMA 510.02 hasbeen superseded hyANSIIAGMA 9009 - D02 - Nomenclature for Flexible Couplings, and the newer standard uses slightly different terminology. The older version is used here for illustrative
  • Gear Tooth Form
    undercutting. Shortest distance between the noncontacting surfaces of the adjacent teeth. Gears are commonly specified according to AGMA Class Number, a code which denotes important quality characteristics. Quality numbers denote tooth-elements tolerances. The higher the number, the tighter the tolerance
  • Gearbox Tutorial
    levels in gearboxes in service. For new. gearboxes, AGMA 426 and API 613 sets an overall. Military. level at 2 mils max. or square root (1200/rpm), which. ever is less, on the test stand with NO load. Most. T &M. general purpose gearboxes are not built to that. standard. The amount of vibration
  • EPACT & Energy Efficient Electric Motors
    of efficiency, meeting or exceeding utility rebate programs. LeCENTRIC inline reducers deliver high efficiency output using AGMA Class 10 or better helical gearing. Combine a WATTSAVER motor and LeCENTRIC reducer with a SPEEDMASTER AC drive to further reduce energy bills by controlling total system power
  • FAQ about Shepard Niles Hoists (.pdf)
    Niles gears are formed of high-carbon, heat-treated steel and conform to the design. specifications of the American Gear Manufacturers’ Association (AGMA). All shafts are heat-treated steel. and are joined by means of splined couplings for the strongest, most secure joints. Shepard Niles does not. use
  • Engineering Tools
    ) and tolerances and give the standard wire diameters for W. M. Berg precision racks. *Note: Valid for Backlash Class "C " only and AGMA Q9 to AGMA Q14. Please Enter In The Data: Diametral Pitch: Base to Pitch Line Nominal Dimension: Inches. Pressure Angle: Degrees. AGMA Quality: Here Is The Output: Measurement
  • Applying Open Gear Lubricants
    inspections must be made to ensure that a sufficient amount of open gear lubricant is being applied to provide proper protection. Two hours is the maximum interval time permitted between applications per the AGMA 9005-D94 guidelines. The amount of open gear lubricant to use is dependent upon