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  • Agricultural and Farming Services-Image
    Agricultural and Farming Services - (43 companies)
    Agricultural and Farming Services Information. Agricultural and farming services provide education, information, equipment, and supplies to farms and farmers. Examples include federal, state, and county agricultural extensions; crop brokers... Learn More
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    Agricultural and Farming Products and Equipment - (913 companies)
    Agricultural and Farming Products and Equipment Information. Agricultural and farming products and equipment are used in farming, livestock, and agricultural applications. They are also used by ranches, dairies, greenhouses, nurseries, orchards... Learn More
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    Pest Control Products and Equipment - (55 companies)
    ...chemical repellents, and integrated bird control systems for airports and airfields. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or propane cannons periodically produce loud but harmless bangs to scare birds away from farms, fields, orchards, vineyards, parks... Learn More
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    Power Take-offs (PTO) - (67 companies)
    Power take-offs (PTOs) are extensions of a vehicle's drive train that can be engaged to power auxiliary equipment such as plows, augers, winches, and many other material handling, construction, and agricultural implements. Power Take-Offs (PTO... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Bioanalytical Services - (309 companies)
    Bioanalytical services encompass pharmaceutical, agricultural, biological, microbial, and other life science testing and analysis. Bioanalytical services perform pharmaceutical, agricultural, biological, microbial and other life science testing... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Netting - (284 companies)
    ...strong, durable plastic netting to contain loose metal parts that are transported by truck or rail. Netting may be used in animal protection, aquaculture, filtration, food processing, and high-temperature applications. Bird netting and bat house... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Sanitary Pumps - (198 companies)
    Sanitary Pumps Information. Sanitary pumps are used to transport and meter solutions, slurries, and colloids of food and agricultural materials in operations such as food processing that require cleanliness. There are four basic types of sanitary... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Calorimeters and Thermal Analyzers - (118 companies)
    Calorimeters and thermal analyzers contain a heat source that can deliver a heat flux, at a distinct temperature, into a sample, and a temperature-measuring device that can read the resultant change in temperature. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Wastewater Treatment Equipment - (637 companies)
    Wastewater treatment equipment is used to treat, remediate, and process effluent wastewater. Learn More
  • Earth Moving and Landscaping Machines - (812 companies)
    Earth moving and landscape machines are used to prepare construction sites, and to move dirt and gravel. Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Federal Register > Wednesday, January 29, 2003 > [68 FR 4402] Explosive Pest Control Devices (2002R-285P) an effective deterrent and are necessary for pest control efforts within the agricultural , aquacultural (commercial fishing... Commonly known as " bird bombs ," "shell crackers," "seal bombs," etc., explosive pest control devices are used to deter wildlife pests without harming them.
  • Surprise! Rare Fish Show Up in Man-Made Ponds | LiveScience
    The element, which may be leaching into the basin from agricultural sites, can be toxic to wildlife... “The birds are potentially eating a very toxic time bomb ,�? Barnum told LiveScience.
  • P2247 Pest-Management Principles -- Chapter 10
    The following items are of limit- ed use because birds grow accustomed to them quickly, and noisy devices disturb people as well as... ...• recorded distress calls • flashing lights • pyrotechnic devices (fireworks, shellcrackers, whistle bombs , etc.) • kites •... These devices are better suited to agricultural situa- tions than urban settings.
  • The Public Diplomacy of German foreign representations around the world
    ..."political crises and blockades", Robbenschlachten the murder on Chinese in the niedersächsischen Sittensen in February 2007, disturbances in Hungary in the autumn 2006, nordkoreanische rocket-/ nuclear tests, avian influenza, refusal of the... ...Ali Hammadi, tsunami 2004, bomb attacks Silvester 2006, political... The list occupied, that individual have the messages transported over mediums influence on the perception of the population of the guest country .
  • Applied Ecology and Human Dimensions in Biological Conservation
    Agron Sust Dev 28:47–55 Chamberlain DE, Fuller RJ (2000) Local extinctions and changes in species richness of lowland farmland birds in England and Wales in relation to recent changes in agricultural land-use. Agric Ecosyst Environ 78:1–17 Coblentz SA (1986) From arrow to atom bomb : the psychological history of...
  • Small communications
    When the thesis was drawn up 1941, it became bird defense ubernahm S p e y e r on the center after Berlin verset3t where the line of the authorities fur agricultural zoology and fur Vogelschug and. Still became the branch the victim cines of bomb attack in the same year.
  • 100 years "Helgoland Vogelwarte"
    It the bird train research on Helgoland developed and it extended also to the solid country . So, the end of 1930er years became more than 100.000 birds with rings of the bird... First through the massive bomb attacks on April 18, 1945, the Beringung of birds on Helgoland was...
    While most fields are not guarded at all, a few have been seen to contain scare-crows, tin-cans or leaves hanging on rattan strings to scare off birds , while the occasional wild... ...killed by burying ‘pig bombs ’ (blasts) around field... ...swiddens in the forest interior and the killing of game in or near agricultural areas is the...
  • From a Howling Wilderness to Howling Safaris: Science, Policy and Red Wolves in the American South
    Dare County’s primary land users included large corporate farms (corn and cotton), commercial timber plantations (pine), and a 40,000 acre Department of Defense bombing range on the southern edge of... ...Tyrrell (255,360 acres) was in agricultural and population decline (approx... ...tailed deer, black bear, and American alligators in addition to native and migratory birds traversing the Atlantic...
  • Application of the C14-method to floor formation and ground water circuit
    Carbonate-Hiirtemessungen the agricultural meteorology Chen of the leachate on lysimeters Beratungsstelle gave GieBen: ...content of the Atmosphiire on Ct4 still not through coal combustion and atomic bomb explosions gestSrt was... MONNICH • BIRD 1958).