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Custom actuators, pneumatic clamps, and seal software are among the topics covered in the pneumatics reference guide. A robotic arm developed by Luzenac America relies on air springs to grip and handle bags of talc. Designing a robotic arm to handle 50-lb packages of talc powder was an engineer's...

...adhesive include catheters, needles, and other plastic disposables. Motion control equipment Electric actuator consumes one third less power than air cylinders Described as an electromechanical alternative to air cylinders, a ball screw actuator offers multiple positioning and programmable...

Lock Valves on Lift Cylinder and Grip Actuator. Simple Air Manipulator (R)(SAM) For jobs that require the compliance and float of a pneumatic manipulator, this ergonomic lift assist provides the operator with the highest level of feel and position of the payload. The Positech Simple Air Manipulator (R... work from both sides of housing. Solution: An overhead mounted Simple Air Manipulator (R) (SAM K-66) with 360 main post rotation. Pneumatic grip actuator and slide gripper frame. Interchangeable grip jaws; O.D. grip for housing with manual rotation through the jaws, and I.D. grip...

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  • Upper-Limb Power-Assist Control for Agriculture Load Lifting
    This paper discusses upper-limb power-assist control using a pneumatic rotary actuator to support shoulder movement and an air cylinder to support elbow movement by agricultural workers lifting a 30 kg rice bag without inducing low back pain.
  • Fuel Injectors, Sensors and Actuators Manufactured by Bi-Metal Powder Injection Molding worm and rack-pinion gears magnetic rotors for electrical motors steering column shift and control lever rocker arm variable timing components stainless steel air bag sensors and actuators engine and brake mounting... ...injectors steel shock absorber cylinder liners steel convertible roof...
  • A study on estimation of walking intention using foot switches and hip joint angles for walking assist of non-handicapped persons
    Others are intended for assisting non -handicapped workers by the muscle suit with rubber artificial muscles[5], the exoskeletal legs by hydraulic cylinders for military uses[6] and the power... ...ultrasonic motors[7] or springs or rubber air bag for actuators [8].
  • Surplus heat drive actuators using MH alloys for assistive devices
    One solution to these problems is to convert the hydrogen pressure of the MH actuator into air pressure that can be used for the power source. This method permits the use of an air cylinder and air bag as part of the module.
  • Designing Cost-Efficient Mechanisms
    The tube is the equivalent of a piston and cylinder with no moving parts or sliding seals. Inflatable actuator . There are air actuators made as rubber bags which are alternately filled and emptied of compressed air.
  • AIAA Journal > 2012 Subject Index
    ...Rarefied Round Jet and Jet Impingement Flows J12-023 Numerical Investigation of a Cylinder Immersed in a... J12-193 Numerical Simulation of Laminar and Turbulent Two-Phase Flow in Pressure-Swirl Atomizers J12-126 Bag Breakup of Turbulent Liquid Jets in... ...Pulse-Driven Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators J12-167 Numerical Simulation of Air -He Shock Tube Flow...
  • Office of Industrial Technologies: Summary of program results
    No matter how precisely manufactured and installed, these cylinders and their air systems required maintenance almost monthly to avoid excessive compressed-air loss and faulty stamping due to press-induced vibration, mechanical wear, and aging gaskets. The Aerocylinder is made of stacked air bags (called actuators ) that have neither moving parts to wear out nor a rigid guidance system to become misaligned.

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