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  • Air Bearing Basics
    Bearing Spindles. Spherical Air Bearings. Air Bearing Bushings. Flat Pad Air Bearings. Air Bearing Products. Linear Air Bearings. Rotary Air Bearings. Air Bearing Spindles. Spherical Air Bearings. Air Bearing Bushings. Flat Pad Air Bearings. Motorized Linear Air Bearing Stages. Motorized Rotary Air
  • Case Study: Air Bearing Production Given a Lift
    The rise in the popularity of air bearing spindles for new applications owes much to the ability of modern machine tools to provide extremely tight dimensional tolerances and fine surface finishes. Achieving such results, however, can involve lengthy set-up times; especially where batch production
  • Bearing Failure Analysis: Operating Conditions Typically Hold the Key
    it runs stiffer and truer. For example, spindles mounted on preloaded bearings rotate more accurately with little runout. However, the lack of internal clearances limits a bearing 's speed capability; therefore, as operating speeds increase, bearing preload must be reduced. Solution: As a rule
  • Introduction to Air Bearings
    are orders of the magnitude less accurate than air bearings. In rotating air bearings, this effect produces high orders of rotational accuracy and smoothness of travel. Typical T.I.R. for air bearing spindles are less than 1.0 uinch. For linear slides, pitch, roll and yaw errors of much less than
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Features of the machine include a 160,000-rpm air-bearing spindle, granite support structures,. (Equipment News) Machining. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device Industry. Suppliers Archived Articles Entire Site Search
  • Motor Eliminates Cogging Torque for Ultra Smooth Servo Track Writer
    Air bearing spindles for such demanding and close-tolerance applications as wafer Manufacturing and handling equipment and servo writers require especially smooth velocity. Typically, we use an 8-pole slotted brushless DC (BLDC) motor in these applications. However, for a recent servo writer
  • Modular Air Bearings for Motion Control
    for circuit-board drilling and waferdicing spindles because of their capability for working at high speeds. Recently a type of air bearing called a modular-radial air bearing has become more widely available. These devices were once generally created only for custom orders. Today, they are standard products
  • SmartMoves TM Spotlights: IOL International of America (.pdf)
    to multifocal. a tray device which holds the carriers of the initial blank; a lathe. Gary Goins, president of IOL, designed the Optical. with a 30,000 rpm, air-bearing spindle for putting the optics. Generator to incorporate his patented carrier for holding. into the blank; and a air-bearing

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