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  • Air Bearing Basics
    Bearing Tables. Fully Integrated XY Air Bearing Stages. Air Bearing Basics. What are Air Bearings?. Basically, air bearings use a thin film of pressurized air to support a load, the same way the puck on an air hockey table "floats " on air. This type of bearing is called a "fluid film " bearing. Fluid
  • Bearing Failure Analysis: Operating Conditions Typically Hold the Key
    shaft and housing tolerances for specific types of bearings under various conditions. These values are published in manufacturer 's bearing fit tables. Finally, make sure the shaft is clean and free of burrs. True Brinelling occurs when loads exceed the elastic limit of the ring material. True
  • Direct Drive (DDR) Rotary Table Construction
    . Torque motors produce high torque at stall and can have high dynamic stiffness. However, the motor alone does not determine dynamic stiffness or precision. To exploit the full benefits of direct-drive, an integrated rotary table must also contain precision feedback device and high stiffness bearing
  • How Air Bearings Work
    Airbearings or air casters support loads on a cushion of air like an air hockey puck on an air hockey table. It is a unique air support device, but may be compared with two other forms of air supported devices: the classical air bearing, and air cushion or "Hovercraft ". Airfloat uses a flexible
  • New Dust Collection System Puts Air Quality Levels Below Hexavalent Chromium (Cr(VI)) Action Level
    Technologies robotic flame spray booth UAS SFC 80 cartridge dust collector for the. the material sprayed at Thermal. two flame spray booths. Spray Technologies is stainless steel. or another chromium-bearing. material. A by-product of the spray. chromium is the pollutant hexava-. lent chromium. Thermal Spray
  • Motor Type Selection
    Parameters that define a motor type are the mechanical output power, the shaft bearing system, the commutation system used, and the possible combinations with gearheads and sensors. The most important criteria include the speed and torque requirements, and the commutation system
  • Medical / Diagnostic Applications
    and foreign matter. Typical Medical Applications. Cooler temperatures add to overall efficiency and. • Medical Lab / Diagnostics Use. service life. • Medical Aspiration/Ambulance Air. • Dental Vacuum Ovens. The connecting rod is bonded to its bearing - not. • Circulation Enhancement Equipment
  • Medical Device Link .
    reaching out while lifting the weight of their affected arms. This is something most stroke subjects find very difficult to do unless the arm is fully supported, such as by using an air-bearing device that slides over a large table. Lam 's company represented a product from the Netherlands, a robot

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