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Parts by Number for Air Cyclone Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
AG1402 Global Industrial Legacy Mfg. Co Not Provided Legacy ™ Cyclone F1 High Flow Air Gun W/Cone Tip (10/Std Pk)
AG1102 Global Industrial Legacy Mfg. Co Not Provided Legacy ™ Cyclone F3 Quiet Flo Safety Air Gun W/Cone Tip (5/Std Pk)
AG1202 Global Industrial Legacy Mfg. Co Not Provided Legacy ™ Cyclone F3 Extreme Flo Safety Air Gun W/High Flow Tip (5/Std Pk)

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  • Improving Early Warning Systems for Predicting Cyclones
    Early Warning Systems for Predicting Cyclones. Improving Early Warning Systems for Predicting Cyclones. Date Published: January 30, 2013. Application: Environmental. Manufacturer: dataTaker. Measurements: Air Pressure, Humidity, Speed, Temperature. Download the PDF version. Comprehensive Weather
  • Understanding Cyclone Dust Collectors
    Cyclone separators are the simplest and least expensive dust collection devices for industrial air pollution control. Operation and maintenance are simple because they have no moving parts. This article discusses the most common cyclone separator design, the involute entry type with a counterflow
  • Assessing Air Quality Around Cotton Gins
    farming communities. The ARS engineers have modified the two most popular gin emission control devices known as the 2D2D and 1D3D cyclones. While these devices enable cotton gins to meet most regulatory requirements, air quality standards are becoming more stringent. So improvements are going
  • Flash Dryers
    dryers use a heated carrier gas (usually, air) to pneumatically convey the feed through the flash dryer (flash tube) and into a primary gas-separation device (most commonly, a cyclone or series of cyclones in series or parallel). The carrier is induced or forced into the feed throat from a hot gas
  • How Grinding Mills Work
    machine between Central and roll mill for the rolling mill roll smash to achieve. After grinding the powder material with the circulating air blower into the analysis was conducted at the election, fine through coarse material to re-grinding, qualified powder into the air, finished with the whirlwind
  • Minimizing Minus No. 200 Mesh (.pdf)
    a single. motor to drive three rotating components: a distributor plate, selector blades, and fan blades. Airflow through the classifier is. self-contained and recycled by return air vanes. It differs from gravitational inertia classifiers in that it requires no cyclones
  • Monitoring Fugitive Dust
    The term fugitive dust refers to particulate that is lifted into the air either by man-made or natural activities in large open areas. Fugitive dust is typically the result from activities such as the physical movement of soil, vehicles traveling over unpaved surfaces, heavy equipment operation
  • Why Does the Gold Cone Work So Well?
    in the dust collector, thus reducing interstital can velocities, 3) disperses the pulse air more evenly throughout the length of the filter cartridge for more effective use of the pulse energy, and 4) the direction of the pulse coming out of the cone is straight down into the hopper away from

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