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  • Pneumatic Feeders and Vacuum Feeders
    Pneumatic feeders and vacuum feeders are also known as Venturi feeders, pneumatic dischargers, fluidizers, air slides, pneumatic injectors, vacuum loaders, pressure loaders and solids-handling eductors. Pneumatic feeders use pneumatic pressure to fluidize and push bulk materials to the process unit
  • Temporary Dewatering Solutions: Construction projects require different pumps and systems for safe and timely dewatering
    in the. This header pipe is then connected to a specialized well-. way of the construction work being done. point pump. The pump itself is a specialized piece of equip-. ment as it needs not only to handle the groundwater, but also. Types of Systems. handle larger volumes of air that is present in wellpoint
  • Proper Design Essential for Storage, Flow and Metering of Powdered Activated Carbon (.pdf)
    in the silo, to the downstream feeders can be complicated by material rat holing or arching. Bin activators (see Figure 2) overcome potential flow problems and reduce PAC bulk density variation. Bin. activators influence the entire mass of PAC in the silo whereas aeration devices such as air pads, air
  • De-coking of Ethylene Crackers
    days the cracker furnaces have to shut down for a de-coking cycle. The schedule is determined. by loss of temperature across the tubes mounted inside the furnace and yield loss of cracked gas. When the furnaces are shut down, a steam and air mixture is pumped through the furnace tubes to clean
  • Contamination-Free Milling
    material from the screw feeder into the mill chamber through an eductor, while the other compressed air inlet supplies the grinding energy through a series of tangential grinding jets. Higher grinding pressures produce finer powders, while lower grinding pressures produce coarser powders. The feed
  • Medical Device Link .
    is available in sizes of 28 to 36 in., and has 4, 6, 8, 12, or 24 stops. Unit controls consist of an Allen Bradley PLC with a touch screen interface. Automatic cycling and air ejection keep the operator's hands free for loading. "Actual production rates depend upon the specific application, but speeds
  • A Quest for Clean Mixing
    that allow for quick disassembly. Do consider an upgrade when blending abrasive. materials or when contamination is a critical concern. For these cases, air or liquid-. purged seals are available. Air or liquid enters the seal through a lantern ring and. provides positive pressure to prevent the intrusion
  • A Guide to Understanding and Mixing Thickeners
    . can damage the Carbopol polymer, reducing its thickening efficiency. •. Vacuum processing techniques can be employed to eliminate air in the. finished product, yielding a smoother, air-free gel. Some of the recommended features for VersaMix units used for the dispersion of. Carbopol solutions
  • Dispersion of Pectin for Jellies and Preserves
    . Pipeline return configured. for in-tank. to minimize air entrainment. uniformity. • Ideal for larger batches. • Capable of rapidly incorporating large volumes of. Powder. powders. Feed. Hopper. • Minimized aeration. • Minimized cleaning requirements. • Powder addition rate automatically controlled

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