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  • Butterfly Valves in Compressed Air & Vacuum Services
    Bag and Cartridge. Filters. WCV Series Full Pattern Wafer Check. Valves. Constant Compression TANK-TITE TM. Butterfly Valve Applications. Butterfly Valves in Compressed Air & Vacuum Services. Because a butterfly valve uses a disc to control flow, much like a damper in a duct system, some people
  • Fail-Safe Valves
    pressure, the diaphragm force keeps the valve closed. In fact, the valve closes before reverse flow can take place. (note that the above refers exclusively to Series CKM/CKS; most check valves, including ball type, are not normally-closed valves.). Normally-Open Valves. An example
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Valves
    even at very low back pressures. Proprietary design of the one-way flow element allows this check valve to have a much greater flow rate than duckbill, ball-check, or disk-type valves. The valves are made from medical-grade plastic and silicone materials that can be EtO or gamma sterilized. Steam
  • Improving Reciprocating Compressor Valve Life
    in the last 30 days. Jobs. Search. About. Improving Reciprocating Compressor Valve Life Author : Dan Wise Compressorwise INTRODUCTION The purpose of the valves in a reciprocating compressor is to let air in and out of the cylinder during the compression process. These valves are considered automatic
  • General Industry Solenoid Valves Installation and Troubleshooting
    . For pilot operated valves. The same as above plus: 6. Differential pressure too low. 6. This factor should be considered when choosing a valve. It may occur due to over-sizing or reduction of differential pressure. If differential pressure cannot be increased by increasing the flow, the valve must
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Pumps and Valves
    to the manufacturer. The multidirectional flow control system permits the use of two- and three-way isolation valves and micropumps on the same manifold. The product is designed to handle high-quality or aggressive chemicals. Bio-Chem Valve Inc., Boonton, NJ, USA. Latex-free check valves Latex-free
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Pumps and Valves
    forces are available. The valves can be supplied with an adjustable flow control needle. Both the On/Off Rocker and On/Off Flow Control models are available for 2.4 to 9.6-mm-OD tubing. Z-Man Corp., Grand Rapids, MI, USA. Diaphragm valve Limit stops are desirable on diaphragm valves to prevent
  • How Some Supervisory and Leakage Currents Can Affect Today's Low-Power Solenoid Valves
    In process plants worldwide, low-power solenoid valves are used as pilot valves to open. and close larger ball or butterfly valves, or on control valves for fail-safe air release if there's. a loss of power or air. They work by pressurizing or depressurizing associated actuators. �� Current