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  • Introduction to Flow Meters
    * Variable Area Flowmeters and Rotameters * Rotameters * Flow Meters with Analog Output * Rotameters Product Finder * Flow Indicators with Optional Pulse Output * Positive Displacement Flowmeters for High Viscosity Fluids * Low Flow Sensors * Vortex Shedding Flowmeters and Pitot Tubes
  • Flow Measurement
    of the building in order to measure flow? (At 10 /kWh and continuous operation, a 1.65 psi pressure drop in a 1000 gpm flow will cost $1000 per year in electrical costs.) Another differential pressure type device is the averaging pitot tube. It typically operates on a lower pressure drop, which introduces
  • Optimize HVAC and Process System Efficiency by Matching Your Plant and Processes To The Right Flow Measurement Technology
    as well as improve the efficiency of. several sub-technologies including orifice plates,. processes. The end result is often better quality at. averaging pitot tubes, venturi’s, sonic nozzles and v-. lower unit costs and sometimes proprietary processes. cones. DP flow meters are used to measure
  • Medical Device Link .
    be eliminated. Pitot-static tube. This is a small diameter open-ended tube that faces the air stream and senses total pressure. The static tube has holes at right angles to the flow and senses static pressure. The velocity pressure is the difference between the two readings. The tube is effective at taking
  • Better Combustion Airflow Monitoring at the Hunan Yiyang Power Plant
    and accuracy began to degrade. These blockages led to increasing imbalances in the fuel-to-combustion air ratio, which in turn led to incomplete combustion, decreased efficiency, and increased emissions. An annubar (also called an averaging pitot tube) is a type of differential pressure flow meter
  • Understanding flowmeters
    than the classic and short-form. easily insert pitot tubes into existing piping, minimizing. Venturies. Being proprietary, flow tubes vary in. instal ation costs. One type makes a measurement at a. configuration, tap locations, differential pressure, and. point within the pipeline or ductwork
  • Maintaining signal integrity in measurement and control
    (mass). be measured in flow, temperature, pressure and level. Ultrasonic. Flow tube. Thermal (mass). sensor applications, it's not always obvious which sen-. sor technology best suits the job. The mismatch. Insertion. Pitot. Open channel. between the sensing technology and the desired mea
  • Pressure Transmitters Increasing Efficiency and Safety
    Manometer. Kits - Fluid Manometer. Meters. Transmitters. Fume Hood Monitors. Pitot Tubes. Vaneometers. Windmeters. Flow. Flow Indicators / Controllers. Flow Sensors. In-Line (Averaging Pitot Tube). Magnetic Flow Meter. Paddlewheel. Flow Switches. Paddle. Shuttle / Piston. Thermal. Piezo. Flow
  • Case Study: The DLR FALCON Research Aircraft
    this with the impact pressure, qc, which is the difference between the pitot pressure and the static pressure. However, because of the flow disturbance induced by the aircraft body and wings, the exact calculation is more complicated. The static pressure is measured with a Rosemount pressure transducer Model

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