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  • Air Gaging Gets Better With Age
    . against a wall. The distance of the wall. sion hole. Manufacturers have probably. air jets acting as a differential system. from the escaping water jet affects. seen air plugs for measuring diameters. A steel cylinder (the air plug) is used. the flow of water through the hose: as. lying around the shop
  • Medical Device Link .
    prevents spikes in these flows, which would be dangerous to the patient, " adds Dillon. Mott 's product line includes porous-metal shapes, air bearings and vacuum devices, flow restrictors, and gas and liquid spargers. It also includes a range of filtration products, such. EMDM - January/February 2005
  • Medical Device Link .
    filters, implantable devices, metal filters in test stands, spargers used in cell-culture processes, filters to prevent plugging in catheters, and precision flow restrictors for the delivery of gases in life-critical systems. According to the company, porous metal offers the advantage of withstanding
  • Medical Device Link . Injection-Molded Polyester Medical Devices: Preventing Failure through the Proper Design of Parts and Molds
    thickness then causes cooling and warpage problems. If the outer radius is too large, the corner will be thinner than its adjoining walls. Besides being weak structurally, the change in thickness can serve as a flow restrictor. The best approach is to have the inner and outer radii originating from
  • Pressure Instrument Selection Criteria: Part 4 in a 5-Part Series
    valves in fluid flows. These pressure surges can reach a multiple of the normal operating pressure. This effect sometimes occurs in households if a faucet is turned off quickly - the effect is also referred to as water hammer. The pressure wave developed when a valve is closed quickly propagates
  • Porous Metal Handbook
    Rating. is normally calculated from the pressure required to cause air to bubble from the largest. pore in the part when submerged in a test liquid. The value is frequently referred to as. the “Bubble Point” and is highly dependent on pore shape. Permeability- rate of fluid flow per specified surface

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