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  • International Space Station Automated Safing Responses to Hazardous Atmosphere
    � vlvs Valves VRCV Vacuum Resource Control Valve VRIV Vacuum Resource Isolation Valve VRS Vacuum Resource System ??v the total removal flow capacity ?M? Micropurification Unit ?PN Ethernet Hub BK? Crew Compartment � � Analyzer ??N Rapid depressurization sensors CKB Air Conditioner C?A Compressor ?B �
  • ChemProFXi
    � Detection method: IMS sensor with 16 measuring channels, which includes semiconductor gas sensors (ScCell) as well as sensors for temperature; humidity; metal � � effects; pressure and mass flow Inlet air flow: 1.3 L/min � � for alarm and service/maintenance/fault, ethernet (optional) Power requirements: 110 �
  • Advanced Information and Computer Technology in Engineering and Manufacturing, Environmental Engineering
    The system can control components at fixed time interval which is set by a supervisory computer, acquire yarn tension converted by a contacted electromagnetic induction tension sensor , and then transmit tension data to software system by Ethernet module. An experiment is conducted for research character of yarn tension driven by air flow .
  • Electrical measurement
    � errors 267, 279, 337, 363 line spectrum 449 14 light pointers to Lenzsche rule 121 ? illuminating layer 264 speed of light 13 light intensity 11, 12 luminous flux with diode 188 with � � 605 Lorentz force 164 air chamber attenuation 135 LXI � Unit of measure 11 ? of measure systems 11 ? magnetic field, radially nonuniformly 131 magnetic field sensor 164 ? magnetic flux density 14 magnetic flux 14 � � 497 visualization 497 measuring data acquisition 497-skarte (Sampling) ethernet 611 ethernet data Acquisition �
  • The 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge
    Special air ducts direct air flow from the vehicle�s air conditioning system into the trunk for cooling. The trunk features a shock-mounted rack that carries an array of six Pentium M computers, a Gigabit Ethernet switch, and various devices that interface to the physical sensors and the Touareg�s actuators.
  • China - Catalogue of Key, Promoted Energy-Saving Technologies
    2. Key technology 1) such energy process parameter real-time measurement as electricity, water, gas uses the embedded microcomputing system technology � � using the high-speed optical fiber Ethernet technology, realizes the massive � � consumption reduction., composite wireless sensor technology and satellite synchronization � 3. The technology flow technology forms the ultimate map, sees the map 1.
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, February 26, 2014 > [79 FR 10765] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 247-Erie, Pennsylvania; Notification of Proposed Production Activity, ...
    � controllers; axle pulse generators; HXP-3 PCB assemblies; signal generator subtone converters; speed sensors; turbo speed sensors; sensors; traction motor speed sensors; axle generators; current transducers; magnetic pickup sensors ; serial data boards; memory � � assemblies; telecommunications cables; CMU Ethernet cables; telephone cables; arcnet � � truck steel plugs; ring end steel forgings; steel carts; tool cart kits; steel casters; laser quartz lenses; optical lens caps; display enhancement filters; plastic, mounted and locomotive lenses; optical pulse generators; boroscopes; pulse generators; meteorological psychrometers; air flow indicators; drill fixtures; vinyl �
  • Stanley: The robot that won the DARPA Grand Challenge
    Special air ducts direct air flow from the vehicle�s air condition- ing system into the trunk for cooling. The trunk fea- tures a shock-mounted rack that carries an array of six Pentium M computers, a Gigabit Ethernet switch, and various devices that interface to the physical sen- sors and the Touareg�s actuators.
  • The magnetized steel and scintillator calorimeters of the MINOS experiment
    Each rack has an RPS, which gets inputs from in-rack smoke detectors, temperature and air flow sensors , fan pack failure status transistors, coolant drip sensors, and DC low-voltage monitoring. � the RPS sets a warning bit, read out via a Linux daemon over Ethernet to allow preemptive �
  • Manual of the Mess- and automation technique in the production
    � point regulators 47 pressure 61, 93-aerostatischer 94 more static 101 pressure drop 93 pressure difference 93, hydrostatic 94, printing apparatus principle 20 compressed air preparation 694 compressed air supply 693 pressure mittler � � 392 duplex cables 512 flow characteristic 714 flow-load � E of 2000 plug-in connectors 513 real-time- ethernet 609 real time class 599 real time barrier 515 real time system, hard � � assembly of pressure transmitters 112 installation-path measuring system 232 installation-angular measuring sensor 256 penetrating ability 368 �
  • Practical Arduino
    Macintosh, image processing, 49 macros, 254 mains voltages, 3�4 map() function, 136�137, 232 Mass Air Flow parameter, 365 mass-storage devices, connecting, 331�334 mechanical contacts, 405 mechanical switches, 403�407 MEGA option, 347 memory limitations, 376 memory-mapped peripheral registers, 176 memoryTest() function � negative feedback, 215 network proxies, 269 nickel-cadmium (NiCd) cells, 11 nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) cells, 11 NMEA 0183 sentences, 324�326 nonpolarized capacitors, 13 normally closed (N.C.) sensors , 81, 84�85 normally open (N � � sensors, 84�85 nuElectronics, 108 NuElectronics Ethernet Shield, 103 .
  • Federal Register > Tuesday, November 12, 2013 > [78 FR 67360] Ambient Air Monitoring Reference and Equivalent Methods: Designation of Five New Equivalent Metho...
    EQPM-1013-211, "Environnement S.A. Model MP101M PM2.5 Beta Attenuation Monitor" using a glass fiber filter tape roll, operated at a sample flow rate of 16.67 liters/min for 24-hour � � a temperature regulated sampling tube with ambient meteorological sensor . With or without optional ESTEL analog inputs/outputs, serial link: 1 RS-232/422; USB port; Ethernet port (TCP/IP). Instrument must be operated in accordance with the Ambient Air Continuous Particulate Monitor Model MP101M operation manual.
  • Dynamic Response and Environmental Uniformity of a Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse Cooled with a Variable-Pressure Fogging System
    � above the greenhouse roof was continuously monitoring the outside weather conditions (solar radiation, air temperature, relative humidity � All sensors were connected to a data acquisition system consisting of four Campbell Sci. data-loggers models CR10x, CR21x, CR23x, and CR3000 (Campbell Scientific Inc., Logan, UT, USA) and networked with an RS232 to Ethernet serial server (Model: ESR904 VLINX, B&B Electronics � All the sensors were scanned at 10 seconds time intervals, except the fogging flow rate was sampled �