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  • Application Note: Air Leak Testing for Liquid Leak Sites
    This Application Note discusses two different volumetric flow rate equations and their limitations. The note also cites a recent study done by a car radiator manufacturer that reaffirmed the 4 cc/min test criteria.
  • Detecting Air Leaks in Low Emissivity Enclosures
    the required precise control. When leaks of substantial size occur, thermography provides the solution. A procedure has been developed by the author that will determine the locations of air leaks in a test cell made of metallic materials that are not painted and have a low emissivity value. A modern
  • Leak Testing (.pdf)
    and the volume is monitored for a loss of pressure over time. For a flow test: a volume is pressurized, then the pressure supply is routed through a flow sensor and if a leak is present, the flow sensor will show the amount of air required to maintain pressure. For a helium test: vacuum is pulled on a volume
  • Medical Device Link .
    Spotlight on Testing and Certification Computerized, dry-air leak-testing instruments are available for production-line applications. The M-1000 series of leak detectors can be used as self-contained single-station testers or integrated into automated assembly and test systems. The units measure
  • Structural Leak Testing Utilizing a Spray Rack and Infrared Thermography (.pdf)
    This paper will explain the basic procedures utilized in setting up leak testing of window and wall systems. It will cover building and testing the spray rack to ASTM standards, setting up the negative air chamber and performing the testing utilizing digital and infrared thermography.
  • Nondestructive Testing of Nonferrous Tubes, In Particular Copper Tubes
    Tubes made of nonferrous metals are manufactured for an extremely wide variety of applications and must consequently meet the applicable requirements. Proof must be furnished that the requirements are met. Some of these requirements relate to testing for leaks and freedom from surface damage
  • Technical Article: Traditional Mass Flow Meters
    Typically traditional mass flow sensors are hot wire sensors that operate on the heat loss principle and designed for general flow applications (e.g continuous pipe flow). ATC's micro-flow sensors, like the IGLS, are used for leak testing. They are designed for leak testing, where air flows
  • Medical Device Link .
    used by medical device manufacturers are evolving to meet increasingly stringent quality standards. Testing for leak integrity is critical in the device industry because product failure presents significant hazards to patients and healthcare professionals and liabilities for manufacturers. Medical
  • Medical Device Link .
    Testing and Inspection Equipment and Service An air-leak tester features new styling that enables users to perform multichannel synchronous and asynchronous testing. Up to four intelligent detector modules can be connected to the control unit for remote programming with up to 16 programs each
  • Medical Device Link .
    struggle with the possibility of false-positive results when performing sterile integrity testing (bubble-leak or dye-penetration tests) on a flexible sterile barrier system (SBS) containing porous materials. A false positive can occur when a flexible pouch containing a porous material is bent, folded

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