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  • Magnetic Contacts 101 (.pdf)
    produced in North America with ABS. The reed is in the brake fluid box and a magnet in on a float measuring brake fluid for ABS systems to work. (Reed switches are also turned on and off with an electromagnetic coil. This is called a reed relay. Reed relays are frequently found in the panels and PIR's you
  • Fluid Power Safety Overview
    not only input, sensing, and interlock devices but also output devices such as pneumatic and hydraulic valves. The function of a fluid control valve mimics that of an electrical-control relay and, therefore, is subject to the same rules for classifying safety integrity. Thus, properly specified
  • Proximity Sensors in Harsh Duty Environments: Are They Tough Enough? (.pdf)
    (1450. dikes or locks, ships and sewage tanks. These sensors are. psi) at a temperature of 80º C. The. functional to a certain depth in materials such as oil, water or. pressure is applied directly to the. sea (salt) water. Often these sensors are made with. sensor in 30 degree angle increments
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Audiologists use PalmPilots supplied by Sonic Innovations to record the hearing settings of each patient and relay that information to the manufacturer so that each device can be custom calibrated. Because the chip is so tiny, the device is nearly invisible when worn in the ear, but it can break down
  • Enclosure Design Tips Handbook
    RACKS & CO-LOCATION RACKS. Server and Co-location racks are. ideal for applications requiring. maximum ventilation and air flow. Server racks are similar to cabinet. racks, except that side panels and. doors are heavily ventilated. A lock-. ing, solid metal or transparent front. door may be used
  • Wastewater Level Measurement Techniques
    temperature and pressure specifications. Check if the instrument or sensor locations are rated hazardous. Determine any restrictions in sensor mounting location. Consider the application and select an appropriate technology. Select instrument functions: 4-20mA, display, control relays, serial outputs, etc

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