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  • Accumulators
    , such as air receivers, have no separating element.) The fluid section connects to the hydraulic circuit so that as pressure rises fluid enters the accumulator and the gas compresses. Then, as pressure in the system falls, the compressed gas expands and forces the stored fluid back into the system. Hydraulic
  • Accumulators handle the extremes
    Buoyant-float designs have capabilities that go beyond the best bladder accumulators. Blowout preventer units deliver larger volumes of high-pressure fluid to stop oilwell blowouts. They can contain from 20 to 100 highpressure accumulators. Buoyant-float accumulators are a good alternative when
  • Pressure Generators
    plunger pumps provide a virtually ripple-free pressure source in comparison to pressure intensifiers; however, an accumulator may be required to smooth out pressure fluctuations if an intensifier pump is used. In air-based blast or jet systems, air compressors are used to generate pressure. Blast
  • Pressure Transmitter Delivers Exceptional Performance for Off- Highway Application
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  • Water Hammer: Causes and Preventative Measures
    valves, are considered fast-closing. • Use pipe with a higher pressure rating. For example, DR 26 HDPE pipe is rated for 65 psi, whereas DR 11. HDPE is rated for 160 psi. • Air valves are often used to remediate low pressures at high points in the pipeline by admitting air into. the line to reduce
  • Oscillating Piston Pumps, Principle of Operation
    he piston (5) is moved by the electromagnetic field generated by the single wave diode rectified current flowing through the coil (4). Each current pulse moves the piston against the pressure spring (3). This movement by reducing the volume in the suction chamber, opens the valve (6) set
  • Injection Molding 101
    and proper venting. This is the longest portion of the molding cycle. Once the. cavity is filled, the part is allowed to cool. If an. accumulator is not used, the extruder continues to push. material into the mold and maintain the proper amount of. pressure until the material cools (or "freezes
  • Sample System Design and Diaphragm Pumps
     inlet avoids the condition of high diaphragm . pressure when valve is located at the pump outlet.  .  . Use of a relief valve or back pressure regulator will reduce the pump diaphragm . pressures, as in the case where a throttling valve is located. d at pump outlet; adding . filter(s) will also

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