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  • Compressed Air Versus Blowers -The Real Truth
    Blow-off of water, dust, coolant, etc. is achieved using either, or both compressed air and blower operated. systems. article1.pmd COMPRESSED AIR VERSUS BLOWERS – The Real Truth. EFFICIENT BLOW-OFF: Blow-off of water, dust, coolant, etc. is achieved using either, or both compressed air
  • Blower System Design Tips (.pdf)
    housing by centrifugal force. The action is called "regenerative" because a certain amount of air slips past each impeller blade during rotation and returns to the base of a succeeding blade for reacceleration. Because of this dynamic principle, regenerative blowers can generate pressure and vacuum
  • Proper Selection of Pressure Blowers
    In general terms, a pressure blower provides relatively high pressure at low volume when compared to other types of centrifugal fans. For purposes of this letter, fans with volumes. to 10,000 CFM with pressures to 80" WG are considered pressure blowers. Typical applications require constant
  • Blowers for Refrigerator Applications with Improved Performance (.pdf)
    Freezers with automatic deicing and zero degree compartments in refrigerators depend on the use of air moving devices. In modern convection based systems the reliability of the frost-free blower has become very important because failure of the blower will also cause the appliance to fail
  • New Generation of Premix Gas Blowers (.pdf)
    blower technology is the sole responsibility of the customer. ebm-papst, Inc. Page 2. Variables such as humidity,. up of 100% methane with a heating. temperature, barometric pressure, air. value of 1,015 Btu/cf. and gas density, and altitude can also. have a significant effect on combustion. Step 1
  • Taking Pressure Off Blower Selection with Regenerative Technology
    to perform these jobs, largely due to mounting industry pressures to reduce energy and maintenance costs, simplify processes, and improve productivity. Most such blower applications can be satisfied by multi-stage or positive air-displacement blowers and compressors, but at a relatively high price
  • Motor Design, Quality and Performance are Critical to Reliable Operation of Fans & Blowers (.pdf)
    Most electronic systems create heat which needs to be removed. Blowers and fans are the most reliable, efficient way to control heat rise in electronic equipment. Although blower selection relies on a variety of design parameters, including air flow, system impedance, package size, electrical
  • Reinventing the Industrial Blower
    Today, industrial blowers are the workhorse of the process industry. These high volume, low pressure air producers are being used by the hundreds in some operations for a variety of applications from material handling to aeration. However, despite the prevalence of industrial blowers

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