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Parts by Number for Air RTD Sensor Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
STO24 PLC Radwell Precon Components, Thermistor THERMISTOR OUTDOOR AIR AND RTD SENSOR 10K OHM
753PB00 PLC Radwell Weed Controls & Indicators, Temperature & Process Control ROOM AIR SENSOR RTD
544343 PLC Radwell Siemens HVAC, Air Duct Sensors DUCT SENSOR 1000OHM PLATINUM RTD INPUT
544343 PLC Radwell Siemens Building Technologies HVAC, Air Duct Sensors DUCT SENSOR 1000OHM PLATINUM RTD INPUT
544343 PLC Radwell Landis & Gyr HVAC, Air Duct Sensors DUCT SENSOR 1000OHM PLATINUM RTD INPUT

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  • New, more robust RTD temperature sensor
    To prolong the life of marine diesel and gas engines, it's important to monitor and control exhaust gas temperatures - and this requires an accurate temperature sensor. Based on two types of sensor technology, temperature sensors either use a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) with PT100 thin
  • The Development of a RTD Temperature Sensor for Exhaust Applications (.pdf)
    A RTD (resistive temperature device) high temperature sensor was developed for exhaust gas temperature measurement. Extensive modeling and optimization was used to supplement testing in development. The sensor was developed to be capable of withstanding harsh environments (-40?? to 1000??C
  • MicroFlow Sensor Overview
    based etching process. RTD- structure passivation. RTD On Membrane. Mikroflowsens- Technology. Sensor application – chip layouts and circuits. - Different resistor arrangements and values depending on flow application. - Customized sensors possible because of inexpensive mask processes. 1 heater, 1
  • Sensing Air Flow with the PIC16C781
    to the voltage at R6. ment across a heated resistor. The circuit schematic is. shown in Figure 1. R5 and R7 are thin film platinum. The DAC output is used to adjust the equilibrium point. Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD). These are. in still air by varying the bias on R7. At high bias levels
  • How To Select Instrumentation Sensors To Ensure Continued Performance
    a variety of demanding applications in nearly all automation applications. Housing designs permit sensors to be mounted remotely or in restrictive places. For instance, in applications subject to high temperatures, the RTD probe can be installed in a harsh environment while the visual display remains
  • Temperature Sensor Comparison Guide
    . Criteria. Thermocouple. RTD. Thermistor. Temperature Range. Very wide. -450 F +4200 F. Wide. -400 F +1200 F. Narrow. -100 F +500 F. Interchangeability. Good. Excellent. Poor to fair. Long-term Stability. Poor to fair. Good. Poor. Accuracy. Medium. High. Medium. Repeatability. Fair. Excellent. Fair
  • Air Velocity Temperature Measurment All-in-One (.pdf)
    " NEMA 4, IP65-rated case. The air velocity sensor is the hot wire type using two RTDs. Measurements are based on the rate of heat loss. caused by the air flow. The temperature sensor uses another RTD for a direct measurement. The air velocity and. temperature ranges covered are 0 to 10,000 FPM
  • Air/Gas Mass Flow Meter Improves Wastewater Treatment Processing Efficiency
    . that protect two matched platinum precision resistance. temperature detectors (RTDs) (Figure 3). With a highly reliable. no-moving parts solid-state design, one RTD is slightly heated. relative to the reference RTD, and the temperature difference. between the two is proportional to changes
  • Precision Air/Gas Flow Measurement Helps Turn Landfills into Green Electric Power Generators
    . platinum RTD temperature sensors in the process stream. One RTD is heated while the other senses the actual process. Figure 2: FCI Model ST98 mass flow meter in a landfill gas system. temperature. The temperature differential between these two. Fluid Components International LLC g

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