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  • Ammonia Stripping Explained
    upward through the. packing. Since the ammonia is partially. present as a dissolved gas, some of the. ammonia transfers from the water to the. air. AMMONIA STRIPPING. WATER TREATMENT. Removal of Ammonia. Air Stripping. BRANCH ENVIRONMENTAL CORP. 2. HOW DOES IT WORK?. In a waste stream, ammonium ions
  • Air Quality - A Closer Look at Museums
    CleanersSpotting Board - Dry CleanersStainingTitratingToxic Chemical FumesToxic FumesToxic GasesToxic ParticulateToxic PowdersToxic VaporsVeterinary ProceduresWeldingWet GrindingWire Stripping. By Model. Select a category Airgle (13) Accessories (216) Extract-All™ E-300 Oil Mist / Smoke / Particulate
  • Design Principles of Heated Compressed Air Dryers
    not possible with a compressed air dryer because either wet inlet air, dry outlet air or uncontrolled ambient air is used to sweep the reactivating adsorbant. A condition known as stripping limited occurs when the purge air water partial pressure is high and provides no driving force
  • Oil-Free Air Ensures Reliability & Productivity
    . contaminated by oil. Both situations. focuses on controlling air emissions. supplying purity levels up to 99.9999%. represent production downtime and. from paint stripping and surface. nitrogen. Pressure swing adsorption. replacement costs if oil is present. coating operations and came into. (PSA
  • Capistrano Unified Reduces Indoor Air Contaminants By 66%
    not. enough. The Sanuvox UV unit picks up where vacuuming, HVAC maintenance and fresh-air ventilation leaves. off, literally stripping the air of contaminants. As the classroom air flows through the unit, it is pushed past two. high-powered UV lights. That light eliminates contaminants in the air
  • New Dust Collection System Puts Air Quality Levels Below Hexavalent Chromium (Cr(VI)) Action Level
    plating. 4 The hard chromium plating. standard. 5 Stripping of chromium deposits. 6 Troubleshooting. The OSHA action level (AL) is set at. 7 Equipment and auxiliary items. one-half of the PEL. Maintaining. 8 Waste water treatment and recycling. exposures below the AL provides. 9 Analytical. control
  • Plastic Media Blasting for Powder Coating Removal
    An effective method for stripping all metal types, plastic media blasting removes all or a portion of a cured powder coating from the surface of a part without causing damage. This article defines plastic media blasting and compares it to several other stripping methods used in powder coating
  • Beating BTEX Methods of Refinery Wastewater BTEX Control and Improvements Made
    operating temperatures). Energy consumption (even with 75% heat recovery a 500 gpm unit requires 7,000 lbs/hr of steam). Capital cost is substantial since stripping column is of large diameter. Gas Stripping. Stripping wastewater with gases, such as air, is very effective and readily reduces total BTEX
  • Seal Selection for Building and Construction
    , choosing the right weather stripping is like deciding whether to be cold or comfortable. But door and window seals do more than just keep out the cold winter air. They provide resistance to heat, noise, and vibration, too. CR4 - Blog Entry: Seal Selection for Building and Construction. Login | Register

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