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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
845014EV PLC Radwell Tsi Co Sensors & Switches, Flow Switch TRANSDUCER AIR VELOCITY 10000FPM 4-20MA 0-5VDC

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  • ShotMeter Particle Velocity Sensor
    machine and your operating parameters. How do velocities correlate to Intensities?. The comparison of air pressure and media flow rate to particle velocity is interesting, but the real question is how closely does particle velocity correlate to Almen Intensity? In Figure 7 we showed velocity data
  • Micro-Optical Sensor Use in Boundary Layer Flows with Polymers and Bubbles (.pdf)
    is. This paper describes the individual sensors. capable of measuring flow velocities up to 4 mm. and sensor suites that have demonstrated their. from the surface. The watertight instrument was. capability to provide reliable flow velocity data. designed to be surface mounted over nearly flat. throughout
  • Micro-Optical Sensors for Boundary Layer Flow Studies (.pdf)
    This manuscript describes optical MEMS (or MOEMS)-based microsensors for near wall boundary layer flow and particle field analysis. The sensors have been developed to measure a variety of parameters including flow velocity, surface speed, skin friction, and particle sizing. The surface mounted
  • MicroFlow Sensor Overview
    MicroFlow Sensor Overview. Slide 1 R O M. RTD On Membrane - Mikroflowsens- Technology. Flow velocity [m/s]. -0.8. -0.6. -0.4. -0.2. 0.0. 0.2. 0.4. 0.6. 0.8. 120. 80. 40. ]. V. m. t. [. u. Flow rate [ml/min]. Vo. 0. -200. -150. -100. -50. 0. 50. 100. 150. 200. -40. -80. -120. RTD On Membrane
  • An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor
    A steering wheel sensor combining thick film conductive plastic and a. novel optoelectronics technology outputs both analog and digital data. for use by the General Motors StabiliTRAK system. Sensors - February 2000 - An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor. An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor A steering
  • Wall Shear Stress Measurements in Two-Phase Flow using PIV, an Optical Sensor, and Wall Pressure Transducer (.pdf)
    ’05 Paper nnnn. Pasadena, California, USA, September 21-23, 2005. Wall Shear Stress Measurements in Two-phase Flow using PIV,. an Optical Sensor and Wall Pressure Transducer. E.E. Dominguez-Ontiveros, C.E. Estrada-Perez, Y.A. Hassan. Abstract The effects of microbubbles injected within the boundary
  • Introduction to Flow Meters
    * Magnetic Flowmeters * Valves * Air Velocity Indicators * Pumps * What's New in pH, Flow and Environmental Products. Browse all Flow Meters... * Liquid Flowmeter * Technical Principles of Valves * Questions to ask When Selecting a Flowmeter * A Flow Measurement Orientation * Differential Pressure
  • Air/Gas Mass Flow Meter Improves Wastewater Treatment Processing Efficiency
    and distorted velocity flow. The city engineers also installed Vortab VIP Flow. profiles to support accurate flow measurement by the meter at. Conditioners to provide repeatable and symmetric velocity. all velocities under these challenging conditions. flow profiles at the metering location to reduce pipe

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