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  • Air Injectors and Bin Fluidizers
    Air injectors or bin fluidizers shoot compressed air into a bin to break up bridges or arches in a bulk material. The breaking of arches allows the material to flow by gravity. Air injectors blast a jet of air into the bin. Bin fluidizers inject air along an internal area of the bin to fluidize
  • To Air is Human, To Insulate Divine
    with thermal imaging camera, but you can see the cooling effect the air has on the walls and ceiling. For this retrofit I used a piece of magnetic plastic sheet. You can see in the after thermal image the dramatic reduction in airflow and the effect of adding a bit of insulation to the open areas of the vent
  • Getting the air out is key to Humvee Safety
    effect of air, vibrations generate unacceptable noise levels, interfere with onboard electronics, and compromise passenger comfort. Heat doesn 't dissipate efficiently either, leading to dangerously high temperatures in the tires ' rubber. Resilient 's team, which includes graduate students from
  • Thermal Imaging Camera Locates Cracked Pipe in Wall
    by using a big hot air gun or a set of lamps. Greater differences in temperature yield clearer thermal imaging photos. In this case I used my thermal imaging camera to look for a rather large leak from the main discharge pipe of my flat (apartment) that had caused the wall in the basement to become
  • Thermal Patterns Due to Moisture Accumulation within Exterior Walls
    In cold climates, air leakage is accompanied by moisture transport. When migrating through dew point temperatures, a considerable amount of moisture accumulation may occur depending on variables such as the duration of sub-zero exterior temperatures, building pressurization, wind effects
  • IR for Detection of Exterior Wall Moisture and Delamination: A Case Study and Comparison to FEA Predictions
    Surface thermal anomalies will be caused by structural and moisture conditions. In warm season conditions, the exterior wall can be expected to be warmer than the interior. The following discussion is based on that scenario. Over a daily cycle of solar heating and air temperature-driven heating
  • Single Impact keeps Sticky Chemicals off Bin walls
    1400 Single Impact (SI) Air Piston does the job where continuous vibration didn't work for a major manufacturer of inorganic chemicals.
  • The Detection of Stud Line Cracking in Metal Stud Walls (.pdf)
    Polyurethane spray foams have found widespread use in the construction industry as insulation, moisture and air barriers. Due to the in-field application of Spray-Applied Polyurethane Foam (SPF), the foam is applied under a wide variety of environmental conditions. Applying spray polyurethane foams

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