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Parts by Number for Air Wall Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
RAG13A Global Industrial General Electric Appliances Not Provided Ge Exterior Wall Grille For Through The Wall Air Conditioners
WSTTW Global Industrial Global Industrial Not Provided Global Sleeve For Through The Wall Air Conditioner Wsttw
RAB46A Global Industrial General Electric Appliances Not Provided Ge Sleeve For Through The Wall Air Conditioner Rab46a
AJCQ12DCE Global Industrial General Electric Appliances Not Provided Ge Wall Air Conditioner Ajcq12dce - 11800 Btu
FRA124HT2 Global Industrial Electrolux Major Appliances Not Provided Frigidaire ® Wall Air Conditioner Fra124ht2 Cool Only, 12,000btu

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    When breathing in, a human absorbs oxygen from the air and releases carbin dioxide, water and volatile organic olfactory substances into the air when exhaling. The air inhaled contains 21% by volume oxygen and 0.035% by volume carbon dioxide, the air exhaled contains 16% by volume oxygen and 4%
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