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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
WHA900 Allied Electronics, Inc. APEX TOOL GROUP Not Provided Hot AIr Station with Pump;650 Watts;120 Volts;Weller
WHA900 Tequipment.Net Weller Not Provided Hot Air Rework Station With Internal Pump, 120 V

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  • Debem Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps
    a greater working surface and improved load redistribution, thus reducing material stress and yield to a minimum. Rubber Diaphragms. They are made from rubber compounds with special additives that improve chemical properties as well as mechanical bending and strength characteristics. These diaphragms
  • Submersible Pumps vs. Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps
    apply to the bypassing of channel flow,. can be done therefore, on the suction side of the pump is lim-. storm water etc., as well as sewage. Applying the following ited, so NPSH becomes important to the successful operation. simple techniques will make things a lot easier for your bypass
  • Wastewater Pump Stations Relieve Flooding
    the energy of the incoming flow and to provide the pumps with favorable suction-side conditions. . The flow was intended to approach each pump with limited and equally-distributed velocities, as well as without pre-swirls. Surface and submerged vortices should not occur in any part of the sump. Air
  • Monitor Your Pump for Process Efficiency
    . Other flow. corrosion in a pipe can change the velocity. conditioning technology choices, including. of the media and affect its pressure as well. tube bundles, honeycombs, and perforated. plates, may also be considered depending. When plant real estate restrictions result in. upon the specifics
  • Motion Control Drives Infusion Pump
    , providing closed-loop speed control. "We depend upon the back EMF constant to determine how fast the motor is going, " says Loughnane. "One of the things that we like about the MICROMO DC gearmotors is that the back EMF constants have been well within the 10% that they claim; they 're actually much better
  • Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters Application Note(.pdf)
    several vacuum pumps. that is capable of solving this difficult. count in the clean room, as well as. on vacuum ovens and plasma cleaning. application. the elimination of collected oil on the. systems in their clean room. Inside. facilites’ roof. Parker Balston vacuum. The high efficiency filter
  • How to Select the Right Vacuum Pump for the Application (.pdf)
    evolve large gas loads and require medium, tending towards high. vacuum (10-1 torr to 10-5 torr) may call for secondary vacuum pumps known as diffusion. pumps or vapor boosters. A well designed diffusion pump for heat treat applications will. offer high throughput (mass flow) and have a high tolerance
  • Take Care of Your Pumps And They'll Take Care of You (.pdf)
    in the pipeline (as well as pressure changes). design, offers a highly robust scheme for pump protection with. Such disturbances can result in excess noise and cavitation,. its dual alarm capability (Figure 3). With Alarm 1, the switch will. resulting in reduced bearing and/or seal life. detect

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