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  • Factors in the Selection of MIL-STD-1553 Couplers, Connectors and Harnesses
    satisfactory in. All users of MIL-STD-1553 data bus couplers eventually face. airborne environments and equally satisfactory from an electrical. the decision of what type of connector to use for their bus. point of view. Certain types are readily available off-the-shelf at. connections, both
  • Advanced B2B (R) SMT Connectors Help Imaging Equipment Manufacturer Improve Reliability and Meet RoHS Requirements (.pdf)
    A major electronics imaging equipment manufacturer was ready to begin production of a next generation airborne digital sensor used to capture data from high altitude to create detailed, image-based maps. Board-to-board connectors in the sensor provide the critical interface between the electronics
  • Medical Device Link .
    to airborne corrosives. The subsequent corrosion creates debris particles, mostly metal oxides, that can act to separate the interfaces altogether and stop conductivity. A worst-case example of the problem might be an inexpensive electronic toy with base-metal connectors that a child is using
  • Diode Selection Guide
    RTCA DO-160, Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment, is a widely used criterion for verifying the capability of equipment to withstand the effects of lightning induced electrical transients. In Section 22 of this standard, entitled Lightning Induced Transient
  • Moisture Effects on Coaxial Cable
    the connector itself. elements in selecting cables for airborne applications, but there is a price. to pay. It has to do with the porosity of the dielectric. In effect, the layers. Moisture trapped inside a connector can produce effects ranging from. of thin TeflonĀ® tape wound around the center
  • How to Maintain your Dust Collector
    The inception of the dust collector has allowed companies to effectively capture airborne particulate from an air stream. This has become more important for several reasons. First, containing particulate - toxic or not - is necessary to provide a healthy and clean work environment. Second
  • These mounts don't get the "point "
    , airborne targeting systems and rocket motors, and optical instruments with large lens assemblies that are sensitive to warping when secured. Repeatable kinematic mounts locate two parts in relation to one other, quickly and with submicron precision, making them ideal for delicate equipment
  • Cable Materials
    . Materials. Mg. Magnesium. systems, let alone on aircraft. Not so. In truth, aluminum is approved. Insulation. Zn. Zinc. for airborne use in 6 AWG or larger gauges. This is aimed at power. Temperature. Al. Aluminum. applications, not avionics systems. At the high currents appropriate to. Ratings