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  • Ultrasonic Cleaning of Aircraft Components
    Many applications exist in the aircraft industry that can benefit from ultrasonic cleaning. Typical applications include brake parts, generator components, actuators, shuttle valves, filters, engine blades and vanes, aircraft wheels and bearings. Turbine blades and nozzle vanes from jet engines
  • Electric actuators replace hydraulics in flight simulators
    Electric actuators replace hydraulics in full-flight simulators while still maintaining that aircraft "feel. " Every aircraft flies with its own special feel stemming from its flying and handling parameters. Pilots develop a special sense tuned to the feel of the plane that lets them react
  • Linear Actuators Support Weapons Elevator
    Among the most vital material handling systems in use today are those that handle weaponry for the armed forces. Case in point: In Cincinnati, Ohio, Federal Equipment Co. is manufacturing 11 state-of-the-art advanced weapons elevators for the latest U.S. aircraft carriers. Carrying up to 24,000 lb
  • Unified Control of Brake- and Steer-by-Wire Systems Using Optimal Control Allocation Methods (.pdf)
    vehicle. constraints. One control method, which has been. motions, while satisfying all actuator constraints. The. successfully applied to aircraft control problems, and is. algorithm provides means of varying the weightings. particularly well suited to the problem considered here,. among different
  • 270-Volt DC Contactor Solves Costs vs Performance Problems
    hydraulic and pneumatic subsystems in favor of electrohydrostatic actuators (EHAs). EHAs, which combine electric and hydraulic power, are control systems designed to enhance aircraft performance while reducing weight by eliminating miles of tubing, pumps and valves required for aircraft with traditional
  • Recent Special Applications
    PSI. Oil Filled. Flight-Control Actuator Bldcm, planetary gearhead(450:1 ratio), fail-safe brake, SS side-connector for EMI shielding & wire integrity & protection, electronics; Inbuilt custom glass-encapsulated temp. sensor; 40in.-lbs. rated torque; size 1.25 "x 3.5 "; 0.75lb. wt. Aircraft
  • An Integrated Approach to the Dynamic Simulation of Landing Gear Systems
    Dynamic simulation of the landing gear and the airframe is used to support the engineering development process early in new aircraft programs and make better use of testing downstream. Simulation is used to verify that certification requirements set forth in regulations like FAR/ JAR 25.491 can
  • "Shhh. . . " A Flip Of A Switch May One Day Quiet Jet Engines
    important factor in silencing an aircraft during takeoff -- when the jet engine is the loudest -- is controlling exhaust airflow, Samimy said. The high-speed airflow provides thrust for the plane, and also creates most of the noise. The tests showed that the plasma actuators succeeded in manipulating

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