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  • SOLTEC Recorder Tests Critical Aircraft Winch
    of projectile tubes. Airborne military and commercial projects often require aerial deployment of sensors with cable tethers. Applications include Antennas, Dipping Sonar, Environmental Sensors, Nuclear Radiation, and Visual Inspections. These sensors transmit data via cable to the A/C real time data
  • Dielectric Materials for Use in Radomes
    versatile of radome framework configurations. [6]. Polyurethanes are also used as composite materials in aircraft and as protective structures on leading edges of aircraft radomes to protect from erosion damage while ensuring proper signal from the aircraft antenna. Polyurethanes are especially useful
  • XGtd Manual
    XGTD is a general purpose ray-based electromagnetic analysis tool capable of modeling propagation in the vicinity of complicated objects (aircraft, vehicles, anechoic chambers, etc.), performing antenna placement analysis, and determining the effects of objects on an antenna's far zone pattern
  • Fundamentals of EM waves
    This page is officially sponsored by ARC Technologies, Inc. Did you ever wonder how stealth aircraft have such low radar cross-sections? Here is where you can find out!. When you get far enough from an antenna so that its radiated field wave can be considered planar. Also called the Fraunhoffer
  • Troubleshoot Wire Cable Assemblies with Frequency-Domain-Reflectometry Application Note
    Imagine being able to troubleshoot defective Wire Cable Assemblies without having to crawl through aircraft. bulkheads or remove one access panel after another searching for a cable fault. The Anritsu S820D Site Master. Cable and Antenna Analyzer is the answer and Frequency Domain Reflectometry
  • 100 years of flight - Keep them flying : Avionics
    ). Most militaries in World War II used ground and ship-based radar to study weather, detect aircraft, and guide planes to their targets. One of radar's biggest drawbacks, however, is that it is line-of-sight, so it could not be used on targets over the horizon. (At sea level, the horizon is about 10
  • Making combat G.I. Joe-less
    Unmanned combat vehicles will carry out the dull, dirty, and dangerous missions. Surgical strikes by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the Middle East neatly illustrate the advantage of fielding equipment smart enough to act on its own or be remotely guided. Pilotless aircraft, for example, can

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