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  • Not All Thin-Section Bearings are Created Equal (.pdf)
    to be. used on an aircraft. This bearing became the inspiration for a catalog line of thin-section. ball bearings known today as REALI-SLIM®. In many applications, shafts supported by bearings are lightly loaded. Shaft position. with respect to the housing or other components is critical. These designs do
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning of Aircraft Components
    Many applications exist in the aircraft industry that can benefit from ultrasonic cleaning. Typical applications include brake parts, generator components, actuators, shuttle valves, filters, engine blades and vanes, aircraft wheels and bearings. Turbine blades and nozzle vanes from jet engines
  • Needle Bearings
    Needle bearings are roller bearings with rollers that have high length-to diameter ratios. They are used in farm and construction equipment, automotive transmissions, small gasoline engines, gear pumps, small appliance and tool motors, alternators, and aircraft controls. Needle bearings are usually
  • A Primer on Rolling Element Bearing Fault Detection
    OF. AGE RELATED FAILURES. UAL BROMBERG U.S. NAVY. A. 4%. 3%. 3%. 2%. 1%. 17%. B. 5%. 4%. 3%. C. AGE RELATED FAILURES. [CONT.]. UAL BROMBERG U.S. NAVY. D. 7%. 11%. 6%. 14%. 15%. 42%. E. 68%. 66%. 29%. F. REF 4. AIRCRAFT COMPONENT. FAILURE CHARACTERISTICS. Fe(t) VS. Operating time. 4% bathtub curve. 2
  • Linear guide system streamlines aircraft seat assembly, operation.
    are the linear rails and bearings. that allow seats to move forward and back, and armrests. raiLs on pLanes. and footrests to slide smoothly into a range of positions. Linear guide rails are an important component within. Because weight and reliability are the most important. aircraft interiors
  • Aluminum-Alloy Bearings
    equipment, roll-neck bearings in steel mills, reciprocating compressors, and aircraft equipment. Aluminum alloys require sufficient lubrication, good surface finish, and shafts hardened to about Rockwell B85. They have relatively poor compatibility characteristics and lack embeddability
  • 5 Key Tips for Linear Bearing Maintenance That Save Money by Avoiding Unplanned Downtime.
    light loads. The dynamic. with Thomson, Al was with the GE Aircraft Engine Group. load capacities listed in the catalog depend upon. for over 6 years working on the conceptual mechanical. appropriate lubrication intervals. For low loads or. design of jet engines. Mr. Ng earned his Bachelors of. higher
  • Iron-Based Superalloys
    by high temperature as well as room-temperature strength and resistance to creep, oxidation, corrosion, and wear. Wear resistance increases with carbon content. Maximum wear resistance is obtained in alloys 611, 612, and 613, which are used in high-temperature aircraft bearings and machinery parts
  • Flat Honing Clears Production Hurdles
    as possible. If things don't go as planned, meetings to discuss delivery. status or quality concerns can become. "uncomfortable.". ./2597ee73-692f-4a7b-a5b0-87f6e454432c feature. FlAt Honing. Clears Production Hurdles. A shortage of critical bearing. components is keeping aircraft out of. the sky
  • Thermal Expansion Measurements on Operating Automobile Engines
    and semiconducting materials. MTII’s Aviation Balancing Instruments group provides state-of-the-art portable balancing and vibration analysis systems for turboprop and jet aircraft engines. Whether your non-contact sensor application requires capacitance, fiber optic, laser triangulation or customized

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