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  • Boeing Uses LMS SYSNOISE to Predict Acoustics of Aircraft Cabins
    for the acoustic model, the amount of noise absorbed by the air, seats and cabin surfaces. This approach improved the accuracy of the acoustic aircraft cabin model, making it possible to calculate more accurate acoustic results.
  • Characterizing Cabin Noise
    Directives to assess and minimize cabin noise have become a top priority for the aerospace industry. From large. commercial jets, to helicopters, to small propeller aircraft the need is the same, which is for a reduction of cabin. noise. This is critical to the commercial success
  • Accuracy optimization of True Color Sensor solutions for LED color control of multiple LED light sources
    high-tech applications - like medical illumination, machine luminaries or aircraft cabin lighting - it is required to maintain constant and stable lighting conditions of LED light sources over the entire lifecycle of a product. These applications require long-term stable and reliable LED lighting
  • Taking to the High Skies with maxon motors
    At an altitude of 11 kilometers above the surface of the earth, the air is very thin. Modern pressure cabins and an environmental control system (ECS) ensure a pleasant atmosphere in commercial aircraft. In the new Boeing 787, also known as the Dreamliner, a special air-conditioning system further
  • Rutan Tag Team Enters the Space Race
    An innovative two-craft approach to putting humans in space could earn its designers the X-Prize. The White Knight aircraft will carry SpaceShipOne to 53,000 ft and release it. The spaceship carries the FAA designation N328KF (328,000 ft roughly equals 62 miles). The White Knight uses hydraulic
  • Electric actuators replace hydraulics in flight simulators
    Electric actuators replace hydraulics in full-flight simulators while still maintaining that aircraft "feel. " Every aircraft flies with its own special feel stemming from its flying and handling parameters. Pilots develop a special sense tuned to the feel of the plane that lets them react
  • Miniature fittings enhance airline beverage service
    Designers increasingly rely on pneumatics for clean, fast, reliable, and economical automation systems. A new beverage-dispensing cart eliminates the need for bottles and cans. Beverage service aboard commercial aircraft has changed little since the 1950s. Flight attendants wheel a mobile service
  • Security of Flight Doors Improved Through Use of MTI-2100 Fotonic Sensor
    deck door locking systems, must quickly and positively seal aircraft cockpit doors against unauthorized cockpit entry but also be capable of opening upon a sudden loss of cabin pressure. Since the solenoid latch needs to complete the locking or unlocking cycle in as quickly as 13 milliseconds
  • Causing a stir in welding
    in 1991 by the Welding Institute, a British research and technology organization, and is used in automotive, aircraft, electrical, and aerospace industries. The process transforms metals from a solid state into a "plasticlike " state and then mechanically stirs the materials together under pressure
  • Lowering The Toll On The Highway To Space
    . If successful, the 12-ft-long, air-breathing vehicle will use a supersonic ramjet (scramjet) engine to reach Mach 7 and become the world's fastest man-made aircraft. The previous record holder, the X-15, reached Mach 6.7. The X-43 will be attached to a booster rocket from Orbital Sciences Corp., Dulles, Tex

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