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  • Boeing Uses LMS SYSNOISE to Predict Acoustics of Aircraft Cabins
    for the acoustic model, the amount of noise absorbed by the air, seats and cabin surfaces. This approach improved the accuracy of the acoustic aircraft cabin model, making it possible to calculate more accurate acoustic results. Boeing Uses LMS SYSNOISE to Predict Acoustics of Aircraft Cabins. Home. Login
  • Analysis of WiFi Propagation in Aircraft Interior Using MPI + GPU Technology
    impossible in the past due to the large size of the aircraft cabin and the high frequencies involved. With the release of XFdtd 7.3.1, these simulations are possible due to the large memory feature that allows very large calculations requiring over 60 GB of memory, and the new MPI+GPU processing feature
  • Linear guide system streamlines aircraft seat assembly, operation.
    . quieter than traditional recirculating ball systems, an. For more infomration on Rollon Corporation, please visit. important design feature in first-class aircraft cabins. 3. 1.877.976.5566 E-mail:
  • Characterizing Cabin Noise
    Directives to assess and minimize cabin noise have become a top priority for the aerospace industry. From large. commercial jets, to helicopters, to small propeller aircraft the need is the same, which is for a reduction of cabin. noise. This is critical to the commercial success
  • Accuracy optimization of True Color Sensor solutions for LED color control of multiple LED light sources
    high-tech applications - like medical illumination, machine luminaries or aircraft cabin lighting - it is required to maintain constant and stable lighting conditions of LED light sources over the entire lifecycle of a product. These applications require long-term stable and reliable LED lighting
  • 270-Volt DC Contactor Solves Costs vs Performance Problems
    Aircraft requiring greater electrical power for an increasing number of critical electrical loads are employing 270Vdc power. But to make, break or change the connection of electric circuits for the high voltage poses a significant challenge for the manufacturers of relays and contactors. Various
  • Optimizing Airborne Platforms to Support Wireless-in-the-sky Applications.
    to outfit the aircraft with drop-down video monitors at various points in the passenger cabin or individual seat-back screens, Wi-Fi enables airlines to leverage virtually any of the Wi-Fi enabled devices (laptops, netbooks, PDAs, etc.) that passengers are already bringing on board with them
  • Made To Measure
    of frequency or shocks. Microphones are used in much wider fields however, in some cases microphones are used to acquire a sound, so that it can be amplified later. Microphones are generally used in any testing where the human auditory system would have an input. Environmental noise or inside an aircraft
  • Security of Flight Doors Improved Through Use of MTI-2100 Fotonic Sensor
    deck door locking systems, must quickly and positively seal aircraft cockpit doors against unauthorized cockpit entry but also be capable of opening upon a sudden loss of cabin pressure. Since the solenoid latch needs to complete the locking or unlocking cycle in as quickly as 13 milliseconds
  • Full-Scale High-Speed Schlieren Imaging Of Explosions And Gunshots (.pdf)
    . cracking driven by the cabin pressurization. The report also describes shock-wave propagation through internal ducts. and channels within the aircraft, causing damage at locations remote from the primary explosion. However, the shock. wave patterns and gas dynamics described in the Pan Am 103 report

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