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...high frequencies, and if it is combined with. Shield Termination should not be taken lightly, since more problems crop. other shield designs, forms a very effective EMI barrier. up at connectors than any other part of a cable. Braided coax shields are usually terminated in the field by crimping...

There are many ways to terminate a wire: soldering; crimping; under. the head of a terminal strip screw; welding...all can be successful in. forming a good, gas-tight connection. While each has its place, they all. require low resistance consistent with circuit demands. This means the. conductors...

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    2.1.3 MIL-T-7099D, Terminals, Lug, Grip Style, for Aluminum Aircraft Cable 2.1.4 MS25037C, Crimping Tool -Hand, for Copper Insulated Terminals .
  • Utilization Section: Chairman's address. Installation engineering
    ...saving in labour that can be achieved by the use of crimped solderless cable lugs for a... Already such lugs are used almost exclusively in the aircraft industry on account of their superior reliability... Since the necessary crimping tools are portable, they can be used as well on an installation site as in the factory, and it would seem that solderless lugs will replace sweated lugs as soon as their advantages become more widely recognized.
  • New developments in field splicing of avionics fiber optic cable
    Most notably, the cable strength members are captured by a second crimp to a retention strength of at least 50 pounds. The advantages of mechanical splicing include relatively simple and robust tools and equipment, relatively fast process, and safety on fueled aircraft .
  • Field repair options for fiber optic cable; Fusion splicing, mechanical splicing, and field termination
    In addition, the latest results in explosion-proof on- aircraft fusion splicing and thermally stable mechanical splicing... Many of these functions are easily accomplished with off-the-shelf hand tools , but there are challenges. ...mode fibers and to the replacement of failed termini where there is sufficient cable slack to provide... Crimp and cleave mechanical splice.
  • IEEE Guide for Aircraft Electric Systems
    ...alu- minum terminal lugs on aluminum wires: by strip- ping insulation in a manner which does not damage the wire strands, by applying an air-prohibiting com- pound within the terminal barrel, by using the crimp- ing tools and procedures recommended by... One solution to this problem has been to splice short lengths of copper cable to either end... supply electric power to some device, throughout the operational profiles of the aircraft for the first...
  • Metal Cutting for Large Component Removal
    The diamond wire consists of 1/4 inch aircraft cable with diamond beads strung over the cable separated by springs and brass crimps . Stringing of wires is accomplished using long handle tools .
  • Fly-by-light aircraft system cable plants
    7.3-4 through or crimping onto it far from the optical fibers. Thus the cable can be attached to connectors and splices without any adhesive. The holes are also usefbl for tying the cables to aircraft structures for installation, and for tying... The splice also contains an eye, allowing it to be used as a cable pulling tool .
  • Fiber optic hardware for transport aircraft
  • Discussion on ¿The development of the electrical system on the Bristol Brabazon I Mark I Aircraft¿ before the Institution, 5th April, 1951
    ...crimped connectors used in aeroplanes have been developed to an extent that the tool is almost fool... ...lated panel in the side of the fuselage, the joints being made by crimping or soldering, and... ...useful contribution to the knowledge of the application of a.c. power to aircraft systems, but it... These comparisons, of course, leave out any question of cable weights.
  • Aircraft optical cable plant: the physical layer for fly-by-light control networks
    That allows the cable to be physically captured by punching holes through or crimping onto the cable in a region distant from the optical fibers. The holes are also useful for tying the cables to aircraft structures for installation, and for tying... The splice also contains an eye, allowing it to be used as a cable pulling tool .
  • High-temperature electric connectors
    ...tendencies toward an increase in the operating temperatures of power plants (automobile engines, aircraft engines, etc.) with... A need for specialized machinery and tools arose as well, since the technological processes require a development... ...HEC is complicated by the necessity of using heat-resistant (rigid) wires, including cables with metal sheathing. soldering employing high-temperature silver-based solders, argon arc and laser welding, as well as crimping .
  • A Novel Multipin Positioning System for the Generation of High-Resolution 3-D Profiles by Pin-Arrays
    ...modification; a solution is a thin flex- ible electrical connector incorporated into the central crimp at assembly. ...concept to external drive sys- tems, where pins are driven by flexible shrouded cables , enables larger mechanisms... This novel pin- tool con- trol system relies on the new latching lock positioning scheme that is... ...F. Hosford, “Using reconfigurable tooling and surface heating for incremental forming of composite aircraft parts,�? J...
  • Electrical fires and the power disconnect issue [telecom facilities]
    Additionally, some fires are a result of cable “taps�? which are overheated due to improper sizing or poor crimping . ...close to the ceiling it makes discovery of the overheating difficult using infrared thermography or other tools . ...fiber-based composites are strong enough to manage the stresses imposed on combat aircraft , yet “light enough...
  • Improving tamper detection for hazardous waste security
    Aircraft cable is used, with each end crimped or irreversibly clamped into a head or housing. all of these seals can be defeated quickly, using low-tech methods, tools , and supplies available...
  • Some new techniques in the design of connectors for use on airborne electronic equipment
    Crimped connections instead of soldering have been used on aircraft electrical terminal blocks for many years, but the appli- cation of such joints to form an integral part of the connector design is relatively new. ...contacts are joined . to the wire, external to the connector, with a crimping tool , and are then... ...Panel Connectors An increasing number of airborne-equipment applications require the external interconnecting cables to be taken...