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7150-T7751 Aluminum Plate and 7150-T77511 Extrusions   Alcoa North American Rolled Products Nonferrous Metals and Alloys upper wing panels and lower horizontal stabilizer panels of Alloy 7150-T7751 plate and 7150-T77511 extrusions are now in service on numerous civil and military transport aircraft. The alloy and temper are effective in compression-loaded stiffened panels requiring a combination of high compressive...
98001   IHS ESDU Standards and Technical Documents ESDU 98001 considers only the drag due to skin-friction which acts on surfaces that are more or less aligned with the aircraft fore-and-aft axis and is the primary source of airframe drag due to spray impingement on the fuselage and wing. The method uses tyre side- and centre-spray plumes predicted...
EI11591   ITT Enidine Inc. Vibration Isolators and Machine Mounts for your application. ITT Enidine Inc. understands noise! Composite fuselage aircraft, with their comparatively high stiffness and low damping, increase the challenge of noise control. ITT Enidine Inc. has developed a series of panel isolators (custom elastomers and elastomeric rod ends) that provide...
7475 Aluminum Alloy Plate and Sheet   Alcoa North American Rolled Products Metal Shapes and Stock except “O ”. Applications. Alloy 7475 plate and sheet is currently being specified for fracture critical components of high performance aircraft...applications where high fracture toughness is a major design consideration. It should be considered for fuselage skins, wing skins, wing spars...
2894622   Atlas Copco USA Hand Drills PFD 1500 is a positive feed right angle drill suitable for drilling critical and close tolerance holes of medium to large diameters. This drill can be used in multiple applications in aircraft assembly but is particularly useful in stacked materials and in assembling structural parts...
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  • Boeing Uses CSR Simulations to Raise Productivity of Large Riveting Machine for Fuselage Assemblies
    Leading aerospace company Boeing is using CimStation Robotics and SoftMachine simulation software from Applied Computing & Engineering to increase the productivity of large riveting machines used in the construction of aircraft fuselage assemblies at its Kansas production facility. Boeing's Wichita
  • A makeover for transport aircraft?
    The blended-wing-body concept could change the face of transport aircraft and airliners. From the earliest days of aviation, transport aircraft, along with most others, have relied on a single type of design, tube (or fuselage), and wing. It has served well and engineers at Airbus and Boeing
  • Boeing Uses LMS SYSNOISE to Predict Acoustics of Aircraft Cabins
    that emanates from the engine. N1 and N2, the two major engine shaft tones are typically at 40-100 Hz and 100-200 Hz respectively, generate vibration energy that goes through the wing and into the fuselage, which couples with cabin acoustic modes. Because of this coupling, the entire aircraft needs
  • Laser Trackers Shrink Aircraft-Sized Manufacturing Problems (.pdf)
    Building aircraft has always been a struggle between the size of their components and the need to craft them carefully. More than any other device, airplanes epitomize the concept that "the devil is in the details" because in small errors lies the potential for great mischief such as increased drag
  • A century of progress in aircraft materials - Part 2 Metals
    . bought an aircraft company to supply planes to its airline. And based on Henry Ford's belief in using three engines for safety, a monoplane to avoid icing, and metal to simplify manufacturing, the company built the 4-AT. It was quickly dubbed the Tin Goose for its corrugated metal fuselage. (AT stood
  • Facilitating Commercial Aircraft Maintenance With Nook Ball Screws
    As a leading designer and manufacturer of airline maintenance stands and docking systems, Uni-Systems was one of several companies to respond to a request for proposal from American Airlines to develop a sophisticated maintenance docking system for its Boeing 777 and 767 class aircraft. To keep
  • A century of progress in aircraft materials - Part 1 Wood and Fabric
    yet strong enough to skin an aircraft, but they won't work in stressed-skin designs. Plywood, on the other hand, seemed just right to those trained and experienced in using wood and reluctant to make the jump to metal skins in the 1920s. One of the earliest planes with a plywood monocoque fuselage
  • Rack and Pinion System Cuts Servo Requirements for Gantry in Half
    When a manufacturer of large aircraft fuselage panels needed to build larger versions, SYN-APS Corp., Ontario, Calif., recommended a five-axis gantry-style machine that would move around a vertically mounted and stationary part. This configuration was opposite of the manufacturer's arrangement

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  • Operation and technique of commercial aircrafts
    The aircraft fuselage primarily shaped after aerodynamic points of view determines the restrictions for dimensions and the form of the holds of aircrafts.
  • Bases of the classical TRIZ
    Concretely: the vertical position of the aircraft fuselage corresponds to the direction of start-landing, but is unfavorable by the control.
  • Industrial aviation management
    The transition of the component or module production there for aircraft production must be defined as the time on which the aircraft fuselage takes its actual form.
  • Lightweight construction
    were examples belt plates, webs and ribs of kastenformiger Biegetorsionstrager (Tragfliigel or Briickentrager), or a through long pressure, bend, torsion or internal pressure stressed cylindrical shell ( aircraft fuselage or rocket jacket).
  • Flight control
    The precise alignment of a sensor after this reference at any position in the aircraft fuselage or even on the wing is difficult.
  • Structural dynamics
    the inertia identifying data mB of the aircraft fuselage , mH .
  • Safety of light water reactors
    The image 7.9 shows the phantom II during the impact on the target body, by that small parts of wings was sheared, but the residue of the aircraft was completely destroyed (the aircraft fuselage broke).
  • Lightweight construction-construction
    On the example of the development stages of aircraft fuselages (s. image 4.5) some principal system solutions / SCH 58 / must be singled out.