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  • Finding the right sensor for linear displacement
    PLCs and microcontrollers, which are taking over more control of linear-position/actuator-based systems. For example, they are now used for control surfaces on aircraft, vane position in gas turbines, valve position in steam turbines, and to measure dimensions for quality assurance. But fitting
  • Linear Actuators Support Weapons Elevator
    Among the most vital material handling systems in use today are those that handle weaponry for the armed forces. Case in point: In Cincinnati, Ohio, Federal Equipment Co. is manufacturing 11 state-of-the-art advanced weapons elevators for the latest U.S. aircraft carriers. Carrying up to 24,000 lb
  • Unified Control of Brake- and Steer-by-Wire Systems Using Optimal Control Allocation Methods (.pdf)
    using driver steering and braking. the failed actuator. inputs along with vehicle speed. For the purpose of. synthesizing the control algorithm, a non-linear vehicle. In SBW systems, the steering angle of front (or rear). model is developed, which describes the vehicle. wheels is controlled
  • An Integrated Approach to the Dynamic Simulation of Landing Gear Systems
    implementation used in Virtual.Lab Motion couples equations based on linear FE or test modes with the Cartesian equations in the same model. This results in the best performance and most versatile set of equations. The augmented set of independent differential-algebraic equations is very efficient
  • Multi-body Simulation Optimizes Performance of Earth Moving Machinery
    Dynamic simulation of wheel loaders, backhoes, excavators, dozers, and other earth moving systems is used to support the engineering development process early in new product design programs and make better use of testing downstream. . Simulation is used to predict the complex non linear dynamic
  • Medical Motion: Electric Actuation
    designs. This allows easier integration without sacrificing performance. Integrating the motor and linear actuators into one package reduces the overall size of the actuator, enabling it to install easily into equipment or other applications with minimal space available. In addition to a compact design
  • Robotic Dragonfly Takes Flight
    between 15 and 20 Hz. Like a real dragonfly, the. BionicOpter 's wings can turn from horizontal to vertical. For this, servomotors individually twist each wing up to 90 . Four motors at the wing joints control flapping amplitudes. Linear movement in the wing root adjusts a crank mechanism to vary
  • Why is MEMS the Preferred Technology for High Shock Measurement?
    electro-mechanical systems) accelerometers, possessing. 6, ISBN 1070-9622, pp 619-630, November 2008. linear amplitude ranges in excess of 100,000 Gs and resonant. frequencies to multiple 100s of thousands of Hertz, enabled a further. 4. Sill, Robert D., “Test Results and Alternate Packaging of a Damped. advance
  • Recent Special Applications
    . Brushless DC Motors. Precision Motors. Precision Gearheads. Precision Brakes & Clutches. Rotary & Linear Actuators. Electronics & Controllers. Custom Winding Assemblies. Build To Print. Products. Product Highlights. Refer this Site to Others. Frequently Asked Questions. Sign up to receive updates
  • Upgraded Barrier Controls Protect Against Terrorists
    . The PLC allows for better control of the barrier and associated. traffic. It also provides troubleshooting diagnostics, and a time. and date stamped record of barrier operations. The PLC’s. program can be easily modified to provide the exact operational. In a retrofit, an electric linear actuator

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