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Parts by Number for Aircraft Rivet Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
NAS1739B4-5 RIVET ASAP Semiconductor RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT Not Provided Not Provided
SP80-203 ASAP Semiconductor LENTERN AIRCRAFT Not Provided RIVETS

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  • Laser Trackers Shrink Aircraft-Sized Manufacturing Problems (.pdf)
    Building aircraft has always been a struggle between the size of their components and the need to craft them carefully. More than any other device, airplanes epitomize the concept that "the devil is in the details" because in small errors lies the potential for great mischief such as increased drag
  • Aerospace Industry Turns to Innovative Fastener Thread to Keep the Mission from Falling Apart
    aircraft avionics, clamping onboard generator cables for continuous power, or securing interplanetary satellite instrumentation, inadequate performance from conventional fasteners can diminish or even prevent mission success. While the internal and external threads are often taken for granted
  • Aviation and the Supply Chain
    environments to ensure they. meet the tight mechanical tolerances necessary for secure. flight. For example, certain rivets used for aircraft assembly are
  • Joining Composites
    Mechanical fasteners, adhesives, or both are used to join composites. The joining technique used on a particular composite depends on the application and the material composition. For instance, composites used in aircraft are usually joined by a combination of mechanical fasteners and adhesives
  • Bonds that take a beating
    to automotive and aircraft components and boat decking. In many applications, adhesive bonding is actually preferable to mechanical fasteners (rivets and screws) or spot welding. Adhesives distribute stress evenly over the entire joined area rather than concentrating it at fastening or welding points
  • Servosystem deftly handles Airbus wings
    With a span nearly as long as a football field at 261 ft, producing a single Airbus A380 wing involves precisely positioning a massive structure to drill, rivet, and bolt approximately 180,000 holes. When the Airbus A380 takes wing later this year, it will be the world's largest commercial aircraft
  • What is Deep Drawn Stamping?
    . Deep Drawn Stamping. Deep Drawn Stamping. Stamping is a general term that encompasses a broad range of metal forming capabilities and industrial uses. Parts produced by metal stamping can range from 0.25 inches in diameter or smaller, to very large aircraft, automotive and appliance parts
  • Plastic Media Blasting for Powder Coating Removal
    . PMB technology has been in use since the 1980's, principally for stripping aircraft and aerospace components. The technology was fostered by the US Department of Defense to replace the toxic chemical strippers previously used on strategic military aircraft and aerospace parts. The US EPA's final

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