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    Aircraft - (83 companies)
    Aircraft are machines that achieve flight through various methods of thrust and lift. They include a wide range of vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters, gliders, airships, and balloons. Aircraft are machines that achieve flight through various... Learn More
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    Seatbelts - (13 companies) child safety seats and also in race cars or other more inherently dangerous vehicles. Lap seatbelts. Three - pointed seatbelt. Racecar safety harness. Image Credit: | Wesco Performance... Learn More
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    Seating - (220 companies)
    ...folding seats that are easy to setup and store. With some products, individual chairs may be linked together to provide stability. Office seating includes leather chairs and cloth-backed chairs with pneumatic seat-height adjustment and adjustable tilt... Learn More
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    Furniture - (825 companies)
    Furniture consists of seating, benches, tables, cabinets and chairs for indoor or outdoor applications. Learn More
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    Pallets - (634 companies)
    Pallets are platforms used for storage and transportation of goods. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Tugs, Tow Tractors, and Pushers - (84 companies)
    ...and pushers differ in terms of features, approvals, and applications. Features. Standard product features may include: removable ballast weights, multi-passenger seating, adjustable seat belts, left and right turn signals, brake lights, tail lights, four... Learn More
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    Toilets - (105 companies)
    Toilets are a plumbing fixture that are used for disposal of human waste. A variety of toilets are manufactured, and are implemented based upon existing infrastructure and cultural attitudes. Learn More
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    Control Valves - (1712 companies)
    ...or vane with its pivot axes at right angles to the direction of flow in the pipe. When rotated on a shaft, the disc seals against seats in the valve body. They are normally used as throttling valves to control flow. Ball valves provide tight shut-off... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Parachutes - (34 companies)
    ...air resistance, and inertia prevent pilots from manually removing the cockpit hatch and jumping from the aircraft. Instead, the cockpit canopy and ejection seat are jettisoned above the plane by explosive charges or rockets. Crew members... Learn More
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    Gaskets and Gasketing - (1406 companies)
    ...for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Sanitary gaskets are available in many different configurations, such as clamp, bevel seat, flanged, PTFE envelope, schedule 5, proprietary sanitary fittings (Cherry-Burrell I and Q... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Bühler Motor and Dornier Technologie joined forces to create Next Generation Seat Acuation System ...... their more sophisticated counterparts in business class, first. class, and super first class. Whereas a coach seat weighs. approximately 100 lb, seats in higher classes weigh 200 to. 300 lb each, depending on their features. Super first class seats are the most complex, folding flat. to 180...

To reduce the weight of aircraft seats, a major seat manufacturer switched several of its seating elements from aluminum to carbon-fiber-reinforced composites. Aircraft seating parts including lumbar and thigh supports, armrest table covers, and shields for in-flight video screens made of Tepex...

...styrene). ABS had good adherence and bonding properties but proved no match for another thermoplastic from ), under high-impact tests and chemical exposure. Gidman says Kydex 100 thermoplastic sheets met all design specs. The material frequently serves in aircraft and mass-transportation...

...for the acoustic model, the amount of noise absorbed by the air, seats and cabin surfaces. This approach improved the accuracy of the acoustic aircraft cabin model, making it possible to calculate more accurate acoustic results....

...and logging output results for analysis. A midnight mission over Fallujah is a bad time to discover problems with an aircraft's avionics. A glitch in a first-person shooter game at a key point in the action can be a great source of aggravation. These are two examples of why technology deployed in a wide...

Martin-Baker, the world's leading supplier of aircraft ejection seats, rely on Renishaw's QC10 ballbar and machine tool probe systems to manufacture complex, high-quality components. Martin-Baker gauges the success of its ejection seats by the number of successful ejections. With over 7000 lives...

Martin-Baker, the world's leading supplier. of aircraft ejection seats, relies on Renishaw's QC10 ballbar and machine tool probe systems to manufacture complex, high-quality components....

...frames, and interior panels, etc. The use of PPS. for thermoplastics composites has been successfully. demonstrated in production for critical aerospace. components on Airbus A340 and A380 aircraft, and it. is finding applications on a number of aircraft interior. applications....

Computer-controlled advances in avionics, such as fly by wire, along with added onboard electrical features, including in-seat, passenger entertainment systems, are boosting electrical demand on board aircraft. Standard thermal circuit breakers and relay systems are carrying ever more current-dense...

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