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  • Tugs, Tow Tractors, and Pushers-Image
    Tugs, Tow Tractors, and Pushers - (85 companies)
    ...batteries are also commonly available. Tow tractor engines are specified in terms of peak torque and horsepower. Vehicle transmissions carry specifications such as the number of forward speeds and the number of reverse speeds. Tugs, tow tractors... Learn More
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    Aircraft - (70 companies)
    Aircraft are machines that achieve flight through various methods of thrust and lift. They include a wide range of vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters, gliders, airships, and balloons. Aircraft are machines that achieve flight through various... Learn More
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    Towbars - (16 companies)
    Towbars are devices used between a tow vehicle and a vehicle or aircraft being towed. They are fabricated to withstand the pushback forces of the item being towed. Towbars are mechanical linkages between two vehicles; through these devices one... Learn More
  • Roller Dollies-Image
    Roller Dollies - (197 companies)
    ...or rail tracks. Smaller slide or skate dollies are metal platforms supported by casters and are used to move materials or pallets. Each caster may swivel or come with a braking mechanism or assembly. Special roller dollies are used to tow vehicles... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Boom Lifts-Image
    Boom Lifts - (124 companies)
    ...hazardous environment packages, and aircraft protection systems are also available. Tow packages allow boom lifts to be towed by other vehicles. Hazardous environment packages may include covers for vents and openings, along with air intake... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Differentials and Axles - (36 companies) aircraft, production machinery and equipment, trains, and ships. A differential is a mechanical connection that translates rotational motion from a source to two axles. The driveshaft generally runs the length of the vehicle, from the energy input... Learn More
  • Hydraulic Pumps - (686 companies)
    Hydraulic pumps deliver high-pressure fluid flow to the pump outlet. Hydraulic pumps are powered by mechanical energy sources to pressurize fluid. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Hitch Pins and Linch Pins - (87 companies)
    ...such as boat trailers and campers. Snapper pins are sometimes used on trailer jacks as well. Clevis pins are common in many industries and are identifiable in rigging for sailboats and in servos for model aircraft. Detent pins are common in exercise... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Tires - (29 companies)
    Tires are a rubber membrane that is usually reinforced, they are placed on a wheel rim and make contact with the rolling surface while providing traction. Learn More
  • Hooks - (300 companies)
    ...load limit is the maximum load that a component is designed to support. Hooks for military applications need to meet U.S. military specifications (MIL-SPEC) or naval standards such as P/N 61A101B10. Aircraft tie-down hooks must also be designed... Learn More
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