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  • Modulating Airflow
    level (PWL). as shown in Eq. 8. "K " in this formula is an expression that distributes the. sound power in space and depends on the fan diameter and the point of. Eq. 8: measurement. The value of K is not effected by modulating the airflow. SPL = PWL - 10 Log K. F. From Eq. 8 it can be seen
  • Airflow Measurement Using Instrumented Inlet Rings (.pdf)
    ebm-papst offers a simple airflow measurement technique for backward-curved centrifugal fans using modified versions of the inlet rings (IR) typically used with these fans to maximize performance. The technique is based on the Bernoulli and Continuity equations, which allow calculation of flow
  • The Realities of Airflow through Perforated Doors (.pdf)
    This white paper will explore the realities of perforated door performance in regards to the percentage of perforation open area and the airflow afforded by it. Drawing on information from the Industrial Perforators Association, thermal calculations, and internal Rittal testing, it will be shown
  • Better Combustion Airflow Monitoring at the Hunan Yiyang Power Plant
    diagram of the Hunan Yiyang II Power Plant. The green line illustrates the combustion airflow in the plant. Source: Sierra Instruments. An Engineering Challenge. The original plan for Yiyang II was to again use annubar-type flow meters to measure airflows, because this airflow measurement is common
  • Medical Device Link .
    . These simulations can also visualise the effects of bringing new items into the clean room. These simulations can also be used in existing clean rooms to show how the airflow. (Manufacturing) A Holistic Approach to Airflow Measurements in Clean Rooms. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link
  • Current Research News Stories
    , the actual amount of air flowing through the engine. The only other way to measure mass flow involves inserting an invasive probe into the airflow, which causes a disturbance, and alters the measurements. The beam of laser light in the FARRS system doesn’t interfere with airflow at all. To put
  • A Novel Transient Drop Sizing Technique for Investigating the Role of Gasoline Injector Sprays in Fuel Mixture Preparation (.pdf)
    A novel measurement technique to evaluate the transient nature of the pulsing sprays from gasoline fuel injectors is created by combining and synchronizing established laser diffraction and high-speed imaging measurements. Both laser diffraction measurements and high-speed images are synchronized
  • Flow Induced Noise Emanating from Evaporator Tube Plates (.pdf)
    This work examines, objectively and subjectively, refrigerant noise induced by the flow of R134a through seven different plate-type automotive evaporator tubes with two tube heights and airflow depths ranging from about 45 mm to 75 mm. Experiments were conducted with both superheated and two-phase
  • "Tunnel Vision " Tracks Emissions Dispersal
    With most of his upper body inside the wind tunnel, soil scientist Tom Sauer exchanges one of the highly sensitive sensor tips in the hot film anemometer before one of many experiments measuring airflow and turbulence. In the basement of the National Soil Tilth Laboratory (NSTL) in Ames, Iowa
  • White Paper: Data Center Cooling Assessments - What They Can Do for You
    and any other areas where air. and get the most accurate results possible. flow is critical. This information is used in. Voltage and current readings are used in. conjunction with rack temperatures and. conjunction with an rpm measurement of. airflow measurements in order to get to. the motor shaft

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