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  • Airflow Measurement using Instrumented Inlet Rings
    ebm-papst offers a simple airflow measurement technique for backward-curved centrifugal fans using modified versions of inlet rings (IR) typically used with these fans to maximize performance. The technique is based on the Bernoulli and Continuity equations, which allow calculation of flow through
  • Better Combustion Airflow Monitoring at the Hunan Yiyang Power Plant
    Thermal Power Construction Co., with project management handled from a field office set up in Yiyang City. The Design Process. One notable advancement over the Yiyang I design came in the design of the combustion airflow path and the airflow measurement instrumentation. At Yiyang II, combustion air
  • Flow Induced Noise Emanating from Evaporator Tube Plates (.pdf)
    This work examines, objectively and subjectively, refrigerant noise induced by the flow of R134a through seven different plate-type automotive evaporator tubes with two tube heights and airflow depths ranging from about 45 mm to 75 mm. Experiments were conducted with both superheated and two-phase
  • Medical Device Link .
    rates that exceed 70 C per minute. The liquid-nitrogen-cooled chamber features high volume and adjustable air distribution to direct airflow rapidly over the product. Access to the internal chamber is provided through doors on the front and back of the unit. The vibration system uses a thermal
  • Self-Monitoring Pneumatic Systems
    Built-in flow sensors improve machine efficiency, reduce downtime, and cut costs. New sensors continuously monitor airflow and consumption to help ensure product and process quality and minimize downtime. The SFE1 sensor measures flows from 0.5 to 200 lpm, and the MS6-SFE (below) has a measurement
  • Product Technology News
    . An exhaust airflow removes the particles. The Uvahand 250BL handheld UV lamp detects particles and microcontamination in cleanrooms. The 3-lb unit is especially useful for mobile applications, and it operates in all lighting conditions. It is equipped with a 250-W metal halide lamp and a black filter

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