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  • Advanced Airfoils For The Changing Fan Market (.pdf)
    , or airfoil, that governs the airflow around the fan blade. In an effort to achieve better energy efficiency, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has developed new and unique blade root and tip airfoils that transition linearly from root to tip and have progressively changing compatible
  • Profile analysis of complex curves, such as airfoils
    CMM's had been used by a large engine component manufacturer for the profile analysis of large turbine blades. The process was both accurate and reliable. However, when the volume of blades being produced increased to a level where the cycle time of the CMM became a problem, the manufacturer turned
  • Frequency Evaluation of a Steam Turbine Bladed Disk (.pdf)
    turbomachinery components, specifically airfoils, are subjected to high variable loads that can cause failure, designing reliable components requires in-depth vibration and stress analysis.
  • Cool Coatings Let Engines Run Hotter
    need for effective coatings on both the external and internal turbine-component surfaces. For today's engine designs, the complex internal passageways of turbine airfoils can no longer be coated by conventional technologies such as pack cementation or above-the-pack techniques. Complex airfoils
  • Saving Energy with Smart Air
    Significant gains in energy efficiency have been elusive for heat transfer systems that use high-volume air-movement systems such as cooling towers, chillers and evaporative coolers. Although much attention has been given to improving fan and blade airfoil designs used in high-volume air-movement
  • Windward Performance Designs and Manufactures Sailplanes and Gliders. The Perlan to Set Altitude Record for Manned Flight
    An innovative sailplane could set a new world's altitude record for manned flight, a record currently held by an SR-71 Blackbird Catch some high-speed sailplane video at Or climb abroad a ridge-running flight in a sailplane at Advances in laminar-flow airfoils and composites have sparked
  • Pin Fin Array Endwall Heat Transfer Measurements Using Infrared Thermography (.pdf)
    area. The work presented was focused on, but not limited to, gas turbine airfoil internal heat transfer. In this study, heat transfer from a single row of circular pin fins oriented perpendicular to the flow was investigated. The configurations studied had span wise spacing to pin diameter ratios
  • Simulating ice
    is currently upgrading and modifying a Navy S-3 Viking into an icing research platform or IRA (icing-research aircraft). Ice (in white) formed on the leading edge of an airfoil changes the Machnumber contours. The ice shape was obtained by tracing a real ice shape generated in the Icing Research Tunnel

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