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...rugged custom transport cases for maximum protection of industrial products. Founded in 1954, the company claims the distinction of being the first to manufacture an airtight, watertight, and virtually indestructible protective container. These qualities established the product as a suitable fit...

...of nonpermeable top webs, this process forms air-tight, hermetically sealed packages. When paper or Tyvek top webs are used, the package is impermeable to microbes but breathable for gas sterilization. The pressure and temperature involved can be precisely controlled and monitored to best affect... accordance with ISO EN 11607-1, Packaging for Terminally Sterilised Medical Devices, and EN 868-1, Packaging Materials and Systems for Medical Devices which are to be Sterilised, to guarantee conformance to minimum strength requirements. Similarly, pierce and rupture testing of airtight foil and film...

...and put into. Customer benefits. 2. midity should be less then 100. chemical processes, all result-. airtight containers, before be-. for good storage conditions. ing in loss of vigor and viabil-. ing placed in the seed bank at. Contact us. 3. ity. Seeds with a moisture con-. -20°C. The seeds...

...for this product's success. Manufacturing an amorphic form required a tricky process it's not easy to mold." Because of the tight cost restriction, and because the device had to be hollow and airtight to work with the vacuum line, a polypropylene injection molding process was eventually chosen to produce...

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