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  • Tool Steel
    with the least severe quench. Tool steels are classified into several broad groups, some of which are further divided into subgroups according to alloy composition, hardenability, or mechanical similarities. or carbon, tool steels, designated Type W by AISI, rely solely on carbon content for their useful
  • Steel
    for that metal. When looking up the steel alloy 4130, for instance, one will see a description of its properties and applications. AISI 4130 (as it is also called) contains molybdenum and chromium and is used for aircraft engine mounts and welded tubing applications. Another way to find data on a particular
  • Stainless Steel Characteristics
    the aesthetics of stainless steel, a material that can be attractive as well as functional. For example, these GN 5335 stainless steel hand knobs are solid AISI Standard 303 stainless steel. They would work great as kitchen fittings, with their stylish and ergonomic design. We have a great tool
  • Using High-Speed Infrared Imaging as a Tool to Design Materials with Further Improved Machinability (.pdf)
    accurately during the cutting of two AISI 4140 steels with different machinability ratings and secondly, tried to distinguish the two steels. Orthogonal cutting experiments were performed on a high speed machining center with surface speeds up to. 400 m*min-1 and uncut chip thicknesses of 0.2 mm.
  • The Effectiveness of Oxygen in Preventing Embrittlement in Air Bag Inflators Containing Gaseous Hydrogen (.pdf)
    to less. than 30 MPa of hydrogen gas. One common method to avoid the embrittlement issue. Figure 1: Crack growth rate in H-11 tool steel tested in. associated with gaseous hydrogen is to use lower. hydrogen and a hydrogen-oxygen gas. strength steels (hardness values less than HRC 32). mixture under
  • Bearing metrics for budget-minded projects
    with DD400 are said to meet or exceed performance specs of those made of AISI 440C martensitic stainless steel in terms of hardness, low noise, and corrosion resistance. Bearing cage selection is next. Cages separate and position balls at approximately equal intervals around a bearing raceway
  • Powder-Forged Connecting Rod Evaluation
    hardening of forged connecting rods when they undergo. controlled cooling after forging. This material fractures in a fashion similar to powder forged. materials. Recently the American Iron and Steel Institute’s (AISI) Bar and Rod Market Development. Group has promoted C-70 as an improved material
  • International Metal Specifications Cross Reference Database
    . France. ISO. International. AIR. France. JIS. Japan. AISI. American Iron and Steel. JUS. Yugoslavia. Institute (USA). MILITARY. USA Government. Alcan. Canada. MSF. Norway. AMS. Aerospace Material. MSZ. Hungary. Specifications (USA). NBN. Belgium, Luxembourg. AS. Australia. NEN. Netherlands (Holland

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