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  • Biofuels: a Challenge to Fuel Seal Elastomers?
    Properties for Types of Viton®. Tests15,16. show that Viton® has: Excellent compatibility with fresh and contaminated biodiesel, and with ethanol. High resistance to permeation and chemical attack by alcohol, pure ethanol and blends of ethanol with hydrocarbon fuel (see Figures 2,3 and 4). Long-term
  • Mechanical, Thermal and Rheological Properties of Polymers Used in Plastic Fuel Tanks (.pdf)
    The materials used for making plastic fuel tanks are: virgin high-density polyethylene; fuel tank regrind; ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) fuel barrier; and maleic anhydride modified linear low-density polyethylene adhesive. Impact strength measurements were conducted per ASTM D256 using
  • New Material Improves DMFC Power Output 50% DLR Research Aircraft Takes Off Using Fuel Cell
    . The MIT team focused on DMFCs in which the methanol is directly used as the fuel and reforming of alcohol down
  • Banking on Biobutanol
    , petrochemicals still reign supreme as the feedstock of choice for making butanol, a four-carbon alcohol that 's mainly used as an industrial solvent. But jumps in the price of oil have rekindled interest in. Banking on Biobutanol. Share/Bookmark. Contents Banking on Biobutanol. New Method Revisits
  • Fueling America --Without Petroleum
    ). Then, yeasts metabolize, or consume, the simple sugars to make alcohol. Breaking down those complex carbohydrates requires a lot of energy, Hicks says, and special microorganisms are required to convert some sugars into ethanol. And, ironically, the process creates a lot of carbon dioxide --the greenhouse gas
  • Maximizing Power from Biomass
    of the available market, and biomass is one of the leading options on this front. Biomass is renewable energy derived from living organic material, or material that was recently alive. Wood pellets, corn husks, refuse, black liquor (a waste product of the paper making industry), and alcohol fuels are common
  • Measurement Solutions for Ethanol Producers
    of. Ethanol. With a federal renewable fuels mandate, ethanol consumption will likely increase at approximately 13% per. year over the next decade. Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells are becoming one of the most promising power generation solutions. These include small. power sources for laptops and cell phones
  • High Performance Materials Make Their Mark In Manufacturing
    gases, propane, solvent, ink, methane, alcohol, acids, lubricants, etc. within their product or manufacturing process. These industries rely on the characteristics that high performance materials offer in order to make their products work effectively. High performance materials provide several

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