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  • Transit Levels
    Transit levels are used for plane surveying. These devices include transits and transit compass. A transit is an alignment telescope mounted on a tripod along with a built-in spirit level that provides a flat, level line of sight. When calibrated, a transit can indicate not only true horizontal
  • Hubble Makes First Direct Measurements of Atmosphere on World Around another Star
    orbital alignment is needed for a transit. And the transits would be much less frequent for planets with an orbital period of a year, rather than days. Eventually, study of the atmosphere of these Earth-like planets will require meticulous measurements by future larger space telescopes. The Space
  • The PRIMA fringe sensor unit
    optics image the fibre bundle (f) on the four-quadrant infrared detector (d) after spectral dispersion. The fibre bundle is mounted onto a 2-axis linear piezoelectric stage for lateral image alignment, and its focus position is adjustable with a manually controlled stepper motor. Raw pixel intensities
  • Hubble Spots Rare Triple Eclipse on Jupiter
    At first glance, Jupiter looks like it has a mild case of the measles. Five spots - one colored white, one blue, and three black - are scattered across the upper half of the planet. Closer inspection by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope reveals that these spots are actually a rare alignment of three
  • Hubble Discovers New Class of Gravitational Lens for Probing the Structure of the Cosmos
    . Depending on the alignment between the objects and the mass distribution of the foreground lens, the more distant object can be smeared into arcs or split into pairs, triples, or even quadruple images. Gravitational lenses were predicted by Albert Einstein, though the resolution of ground-based
  • Hubble Uncovers Surprisingly Complex Structures in Radio Galaxies
    smaller "satellite" galaxies. One explanation for the alignment between the invisible jets and optical structures is that the jets trigger the formation of stars along their paths. However, some of the galaxies emit highly polarized light. Since this type of light is not produced by stars, other
  • New Research That Uses Gravitationally Lensed Quasars to Measure Universe is Good News, Bad News for Cosmologists
    of perfect alignment, the starlight would be distorted into a perfect ring, as Einstein predicted. "The combination of the NICMOS instrument and the Hubble Space Telescope has excellent resolution," Impey said. "We're able to see details 20 times smaller than would be visible with a typical telescope
  • Dynamic Interferometry: Getting Rid of the Jitters
    . during each 30-ms exposure; but the. WWW.PHOTONICSDIRECTORY.COM. H-31. Dynamic Interferometry. The challenge for this system was. achieving and maintaining subpixel. mechanical alignment between the. single-mode laser. four cameras over the entire image. This requires six degrees of freedom. phase

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