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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CJ651B PLC Radwell Curtis Universal Joint Not Provided ALLOY STEEL SINGLE JOINT WITH HUBS BORED 1/2 OF O.
CJ655BKW1SS PLC Radwell Curtis Toledo Not Provided ALLOY STEEL SINGLE JOINT W/ HUBS BORED 1/2 OF O.D.
CJ646BKW1SS PLC Radwell Curtis Machine Not Provided ALLOY STEEL SINGLE JOINT W/ HUBS BORED 1/2 OF O.D.
CJ652B PLC Radwell Curtis Toledo Not Provided ALLOY STEEL SINGLE JOINT WITH HUBS BORED 1/2 OF O.
CJ646B PLC Radwell Curtis Instruments Not Provided ALLOY STEEL SINGLE JOINT WITH HUBS BORED 1/2 OF O.
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  • Alloy Steel
    Steels that contain specified amounts of alloying elements -- other than carbon and the commonly accepted amounts of manganese, copper, silicon, sulfur, and phosphorus -- are known as alloy steels. Alloying elements are added to change mechanical or physical properties. A steel is considered
  • Technical Specifications of Carbon and Alloy Steels (JIS)
    . 1.1 Carbon Tool Steels and Alloy Steels (JIS Material Symbol). Reduction. Carbon (C). JIS Material symbol. Tensile Elogation of area. Brinell. Endurance limit (N x 107)kgf/mm2. content (%). strength. %. hardness. New standard. Old standard. kgf/mm2 or more. %. Rotating. Tension &. or more. HB. beam
  • Carbon Alloy Steel
    Steel - carbon or alloys have high carbon, hard drawn steel is used when resistance to abrasion and impact is required. Low carbon steel is frequently used in the manufacture of industrial wire cloth (wire mesh) screens due to its tensile strength and impact resistance. Low resistance to abrasion
  • Alloy
    , electronics and automotive industries use alloy 42 extensively. Alloy - Stainless Steel Alloy, Alloy 42, Alloy 49. Send Request for Quote 973-276-5000. f: 973-276-5050 toll free: 800-600-9290. Home. Forgings. Custom Hand-Rolled Bars. Custom Melting. Value Added Services. About Us. Free Catalog. Quick
  • Fatigue Strength Restoration in Corrosion Pitted 4340 Alloy Steel via Low Plasticity Burnishing (.pdf)
    directly to a corroded surface. without first removing damaged layers. Compressive residual stresses of the order of. material yield strength in quenched and. tempered, 38 HRC 4340 steel were achieved via. LPB on as-corroded surfaces and sub-surface. layers. The total depth of compression was about
  • The Effect of Shot Peening Coverage on Residual Stress, Cold Work and Fatigue in a Ni-Cr-Mo Low Alloy Steel (.pdf)
    The underlying motivation for this work was to test. the conventional wisdom that 100% coverage by shot. peening is required to achieve full benefit in terms of. compressive residual stress magnitude and depth as. well as fatigue strength. Fatigue performance of. many shot peened alloys is widely
  • Quantitative Analysis of Stainless Steel using the ZSX Primus III+
    Alloy steel with chromium of alloying element added is. called stainless steel. Its advantage is not to rust or. corrode as easily as ordinary steel. There are over 150. grades of stainless steel, which have many. applications such as cookware and major appliances. Alloy steels are generally
  • Steel
    to offering hundreds of steel alloys, stainless steels, super alloys, and more, All Metals & forge also provides an abundance of metallurgical information on their company website. Steel Alloy, Steel Service Center, Steel Forging, Steel Suppliers. Send Request for Quote 973-276-5000. f: 973-276-5050 toll
  • Tool Steel & Tool Steel Supplier
    As the name implies, tool steel refers to a number of different high speed, carbon, and alloy steels that are used to make tools. Desirable features in tool steel include toughness, wear resistance, and strength at high temperatures. High speed steel is so-called because it is capable of cutting
  • Custon 450 & Custom Alloy
    . Quick Literature. In the News. White Papers. Metals Outlook. Send Request for Quote. Metal Tidbits, Custom. Custom 450. Custom Alloy. Custom 450. When austenitics aren't strong enough and martensitics do not provide enough corrosion resistance, there is custom 450 steel. This powerful stainless steel

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