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Parts by Number for Alpha Wire Corporation Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
751816 OR001 RS Electronics ALPHA WIRE CORPORATION Not Provided 51816 ORANGE 1000 FT
5100/40C SL005 RS Electronics ALPHA WIRE CORPORATION Not Provided 100/40C SLATE 100 FT
1898/10C SL001 RS Electronics ALPHA WIRE CORPORATION Not Provided 898/10C SLATE 1000 FT

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  • Xtra-Guard Performance Cable (.ppt)
    A presentation on the characteristics, applications, and regulations of Alpha Wire's line of Xtra-Guard Performance Cable.
  • New Insulation Material Yields Smaller, Lighter, Greener Cables (.pdf)
    —fewer . than 1%—they are considered essentially halogen free. . Despite its improved safety features, the drawback to LSZH is that it cannot be conveniently . recycled and reused. Like PVC, it will not safely decompose in a landfill. . mPPE Insulation Redefines Wire . Alpha Wire’s new EcoWire hook
  • To Flex or Not to Flex: That is the Question!
    In this article we discuss the difference between a flexible cable and one that is designed for constant flexing. We also look at why making the simple assumption that a flexible cable will perform in an extreme flexing application can be a costly mistake. ALPHA WIRE COMPANY 711 Lidgerwood
  • Understanding Shielded Cable (.pdf)
    shielded with. foil to provide crosstalk protection between the pairs, while the overall cable is shielded with. foil, braid, or both. Cables also use two layers of foil or braid. Understanding Shielded Cable. Page 2. A third approach, seen in Alpha Wire’s Supra-Shield products, combines both foil
  • Heat-Shrink Tubing: The Versatile Tools for Maintenance and Repair (.pdf)
    for maintenance and repair work. Vendors like Alpha Wire offer kits containing a. variety of sizes and colors. Use a tubing diameter that will not provide full shrinking. If you are repairing a damaged jacket, make sure the cable is otherwise still in good shape. Make sure the insulation around separate
  • Wireless Networks for Industrial Automation
    Alpha List. Digital Catalog. Compilations. Out of Print Titles. New and Notable. Best Sellers. Compilations. Contact Us. InTech. Technical Papers. Software. ISA Transactions. ISA Directory. About Publishing. Automation Blogs. Conferences and Exhibits. Corporate Partnerships. Technical Information
  • What is a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)?
    or connection. The standard OMEGA® RTD probe is made with a 100 ohm platinum European curve element (alpha = 0.00385). >> Platinum RTD. Also known as Pt RTD, Platinum RTD's are typically the most linear, stable, repeatable, and accurate of all RTD's. Platinum wire was chosen by OMEGA because it best meets
  • EcoWire (R) Training Presentation (.ppt)
    hook-up wire is cost-effective and widely available