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  • High-Efficiency Operation of an Hybrid Electric Vehicle Starter/Generator Over Road Profiles
    Efficient operation of induction motor starter/alternator systems is an important part of the power-management function that is required in the self-contained vehicular environment. However, the nonlinear dynamics of the induction motor [1], parameter sensitivity to environmental factors, load
  • Combustion Assisted Belt-Cranking of a V-8 Engine at 12-Volts (.pdf)
    architectures. Of these options, the 12V belt-. alternator-starter (BAS) offers strong potential for fast,. A cost effective option to only take advantage of the IEO. quiet starting at a lower system cost and complexity than. would be using a ‘lower’ power belt starter/generator,. higher-power 36V
  • Using a Best Battery Selector for Highly Reliable Engine Starting Applications
    ) Larger batteries must be used to compensate for power loss in the Best Battery Selector. 3) Do not connect a single engine-driven alternator to both batteries, even through diodes. If an alternator is absolutely. necessary, connect it to only one battery. Importance of selecting a BBS with sufficiently
  • Virtual Engineering Lab for Motor Testing and Development
    width. modulation (PWM) timing generation. Generated energy is dissipated in. Intelligent. WEB-BASED COLLABORATION. Systems. Photo 1. Compare the local laboratory experimental test platform (upper left) and. the real-time remote video display (right). In the remote display, the. starter/alternator
  • Wire Capacity Chart
    charging wire from the alternator to the battery and out to the main electrical circuits of the car. I thought I had a satisfactory explanation posted here previously, but a few folks took aim at it and blew gaping holes in my understanding - without actually explaining what I was trying
  • Electric Compressor Drive with Integrated Electronics for 42 V Automotive HVAC Systems (.pdf)
    . This is due to the. and the Lundell based alternator are being pushed to. R134A refrigerant and its associated lubricating. their maximum limits to meet these high power loads. compounds that are not compatible with most electronic. The recent trend is to examine higher voltage electrical. packaging
  • Compressed Air Systems Technical Data
    for. Longer Pump Life. proper operation of pneumatic tools or components. A tank. A tank system makes it possible to utilize two pumps on one. provides pulsation-free air from the reciprocating compressor. tank. Add a pressure switch and alternator control to start/stop. the pump(s) only when needed