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Parts by Number for Alumel Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CAP100U16V20%ALUMEL National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
TRI M39029/86-467 PEI-Genesis Tri-Star Not Provided #12 Alumel SOCKET CONTACT
APH 10-330940-22S PEI-Genesis Amphenol Not Provided PTSE 16 CON SKT ALUMEL
APH T3-4022-10R PEI-Genesis Amphenol Not Provided 38999 22D PIN ALUMEL CON
MTX M5100-057-1162 PEI-Genesis Matrix Not Provided 5015 THERMO 16 SKT ALUMEL

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  • Thermocouple Wire Size and Resistance Table (.pdf)
    extension. instrument if I use a 20 guage Chromel/Alu-. 20 x .1466 = 2.932 ohms. lead wire type Copper/Copper 11. mel thermocouple 3 feet long and 14 guage. Total 4.7002 ohms. Type B utilizes extension lead wire. Chromel/Alumel lead wire 20 feet in length?. type Copper/Copper. 2300 Walden Avenue • Buffalo
  • Thermocouple Characteristics Table (.pdf)
    Ni, 10% Cr. X. Inert. Limited used in. Alumel, Nominal. • Red. Vacuum or Reducing. Composition: 95% Ni, Mn, 2% Al. N NP Nicrosil®,Nominal. • Orange. • Orange. X Clean Oxidizing and. NN. Compositions:84.6% Ni, 14.2% Cr, 1.4% Si. X Inert. Limited use in. Nisil®, Nominal. • Red. Vacuum or Reducing
  • Medical Device Link .
    positions as signal crimp contacts, chromel and alumel Type-K thermocouple crimp contacts are offered as well. Lemo USA Inc., Rohnert Park, CA. Microminiature cable. Enhanced microminiature round cable is available for medical device applications in which size and electrical integrity
  • ANSI Color Code & ISA Limits of Error for Thermocouples (.pdf)
    or +1%. +1°C or +0.4%. 32 to 1650. -330 to 32. +3°F or +1%. +1.8°F or +0.4%. K*. CHROMEL. +KP. YELLOW. 0 to 1250. +2.2°C or +0.75%. +4°F or +0.75%. VS ALUMEL®. -KN. RED. -200 to 0. +2.2°C or +2%. +1.1°C or +0.4%. 32 to 2300. -330 to 32. +4°F or +2%. +2°F or +0.4%. N. NICROSIL. +NP. ORANGE. 285
  • Color Codes:ANSI/ISA Thermocouple Color Codes
    . Negative. Wire. Extension. Grade. JX. Iron. Constantan. White. Red. Black. Brown. KX. Chromel. Alumel. Yellow. Red. Yellow. Brown. TX. Copper. Constantan. Blue. Red. Blue. Brown. EX. Chromel. Constantan. Purple. Red. Purple. Brown. RX, SX. ---. Copper. Copper Alloy. #11. Black. Red. Green. N
  • Secret to Thermocouples: Mind the Metallurgy, and All Else Will Follow
    the characteristics of several common thermocouple types. A. variety of base and noble metals are used in thermocouples, in both pure and. alloy forms. Common alloys include "Alumel " (a composition of nickel, aluminum,. and manganese), "Chromel " (nickel and chromium), and "Constantan " (copper
  • AN107 Practical Thermocouple Temperature Measurements
    . -210 to 1200. K. Chromel vs Alumel. -270 to 1370. There is an abundance of additional information available. E. Chromel vs Constantan. -270 to 1000. on thermocouples from various sources. The interested. S. (Pt-10%Rh) vs Pt. -50 to 1768. reader is encouraged to visit those references listed
  • Temperature Sensing Technologies
    . Conductors. Type. Range (˚C). Coefficient. Environments. E. Chromel, Constantan. -200 to 900. 60µV/˚C. oxidizing, inert, vacuum. vacuum, oxidizing. J. Iron, Constantan. 0 to 760. 51µV/˚C. reducing, inert. T. Copper, Constantan. −200 to 371. 40µV/˚C. corrosive, moist, subzero. K. Chromel, Alumel. -200