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  • CO2 balance sheet: aluminum versus alumina ceramics
    There are a number of advantages that result from the production of LED lamps using alumina ceramics as a material for heat sinks, reflectors or mountings. These range from excellent thermal management of the CeramCool system to electrical insulation, aesthetics and haptics. Ceramic can replace
  • GFH Media Removes Arsenic in Arizona Water Supply
    removal options.Early investigations focused on well-known processes like activated alumina and ion exchange as well as less proven concepts such as coagulation-assisted microfiltration. Later, they added adsorption media technology to the study. GFH Media Removes Arsenic in Arizona Water Supply. GFH
  • Regeneration of Fixed Catalyst Bed With Special Reference to Petroleum Refining
    Fixed catalyst beds are normally composed of a carrier and a catalyst pellet e.g. alundum balls and platinum cylinders. Examples of this type are reforming units such as Platformers, Ultraformers, etc. Hydrodesulphurization reactors may employ cobalt molybdenum on alumina or bauxite carriers used
  • Fatigue Performance of Nitinol Round Wire with Varying Cold Work Reductions (.pdf)
    using natural diamond drawing dies and. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance. Volume 18(5–6) August 2009—563. oil-based lubricants to a finished diameter of 0.32 mm. All of. the wires were heat treated at 490 °C for a dwell time of 15 min. in an air-stirred fluidized bed with alumina media
  • Medical Device Link .
    and plastics. The ceramic powder particles are less than 1 um in size. These powder particles are blended with a plastic media that acts as a binder system. The initial mixture that goes into the injection molding equipment is roughly two-thirds ceramic and one-third plastic. The plastic acts as a carrier
  • CO2 Adsorption over Ion-Exchanged Zeolite Beta with Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metal Ions
    on solid media such as zeolites, activated carbons, alumina, hydrotalcite-like. compounds, metal oxides, and metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are being investigated. in this laboratory. Solid adsorbents typically employ cyclic and multi module processes. of adsorption and desorption, with desorption
  • Choosing Replacement Desiccant: Pitfalls to Avoid
    “deliquescent” and figures that this new stuff is cheaper than the activated alumina desiccant he’s previously purchased.  The buyer gets a gold star for saving money, while the plant engineer has a severely damaged dryer at best. Occasionally I get a call from someone filling a dryer, complaining
  • Medical Device Link .
    , and a 4-millisecond response time. TSI GmbH Aachen, Aachen, Germany. Ceramic valve parts Pistons, valves, rotors, and stators for rotary valves can be custom made from alumina and zirconia ceramics. The entire production cycle, from processing the powder to manufacturing the final product, takes place in-house

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